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D-Can cable on 07 E61 N53

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Ordered a D-Can cable for my 2007 E61 525i N53B30 the other day... arrived silly fast - many thanks.


Installing the dvd onto a W10 laptop I worked my way down the list, but first problem was the cable driver install failed straight away with an error stating the installation syntax was invalid.

Installed everything else without issue.


Trying it out today, The cable-car connection worked fine, so it seems being unable to install the driver package doesn't cause a problem.

However, while in INPA using various 'live data' displays, I repeatedly got errors to do with 'API error #134' and another up until the live updating of data stopped. Any guesses what I've done wrong ?

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Changed tack and reinstalled XP SP3 on an old lappy I had. Then reinstalled Jimmy's software and tested on the E61 N53... all ran perfectly.


Seems the best advice I'd give anyone looking at doing their own diagnostics, coding, etc... get an decent old XP lappy and use that. Beats the stress of W10 !!


(Yes you can still activate and update XP... but only as far as those updates released up to the EOL date... but if it's only going to be used with your car, why worry?)

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