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MINI Cooper First Gen - Low Mileage - Green/White Roof

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I wanted to post this on MINI2 but for some reason the sign-up process wasn't working. So I thought that this community might be able to help me?


Basically I'm looking for a first generation MINI Cooper with a low mileage (under 65K) that's preferably British racing green with a white roof & wing-mirrors. From looking on eBay and Autotrader examples are rare to non-existent. These cars are seem to either be £2000 for an INSANELY HIGH MILEAGE! And dirty and very aged interiors. Although for some reason the exterior condition of Coopers seem to generally look good - not sure why - do BMW have some clever technique to prolong these cars body work?


I found this BRG first generation 2006 MINI for £5790, but it's not a Cooper and I don't like the roof colour: https://www.approvedusedminis.co.uk/car-details?ch=WMWRA32030TM08782.15110&dl=false&mstk=32959707325!34


So does anyone have any suggestions or cars for sale? I love the look of the first Generation Cooper and it drives so nicely. Before anyone asks, I don't want an S model - I prefer to feel of the Cooper.


Thanks in advance,

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