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INPA for E87

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I originally posted in the Coding section but hopefully this is the best place to post:


Hi Jimmy, 


I have INPA for my E39 that I got from you a few years ago (the DVD is titled 2013-08-13 10:49), do I need a new cable or updated files to use it on my E87? I'm specifically interested in registering a new battery which I've read INPA can do but the current E87 file in C:\EC-APPS\INPA\CFGDAT is dated 04/04/2005 and doesn't seem to give many options for the E87 so is a newer one available? 




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depending on year of e87 use DIS to register a new battery

I use 2 versions of inpa, inpa old and inpa, the later uses latest files so is up to date every 6 months or so, 

but using the latest files also means all error pages will display in German and you will get language and file errors as the menu is still using English files from older version.

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Thanks Jimmy, so I think I need the D can cable for the E87 but only have the K can for my E39. Is it easiest if I just buy the D can cable from you which will come with the newer disc?

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