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Foxhole Norman

2002 525i PDC Problem

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Hey lads, looking for a bit of help here with my PDC. It was never working when I bought the car due to some bad sensors and the front speaker being unplugged. Recently I finally decided to go at it, sorted the speaker and replaced the 4 Sensors up front and two in the rear, the middle two rear were replaced last year as part of bodywork. 


Now the weird issue. When the engine is on the sensors seem to go mad, the front ones mainly, always seem to cut in on the rears for some reason. Yet with the just the ignition on and the gearbox in R they work perfectly? You can go around to each sensor with your hand and it detects the space perfectly, start the car and then they go mad again!


So any ideas? PDC module at fault and needing replacement? Overvoltage maybe? I'm getting no faults on Carly for BMW.

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Have you got INPA or something similar to check if the sensors are throwing any faults? I had one which worked perfectly with the ignition on, but the second you started the engine it went beserk. It seemed fine when you put a hand infront of it; but showed a distance fault in INPA. (and it was only a year old)

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