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Cable/software wanted

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Hi jimmy 

ive sent a couple of messages via your site but not sure if your getting them. 

 We've got a couple of 39's to code etc over xmas but looking for a set up that will work on e39-e53-e46-e9X and f series can you advise which set to order please. 


Also I have a laptop with win7, another with win xp, another with win 10, and a MacBook . which one is most reliable with your software? 



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Not received anything but am receiving messages from my site so unsure what problem maybe?

I cant help with F series as I dont have software for them just cables, not having an F series to use I cant use software so cant support it,

cable choice is dependent on the years of cars 

K-Line set covers from 1997 to 03/2007

K-Line cable 07/2000 to 03/2007

D-Can cable set from 1997 to date

D-Can cable from 07/2000 to date.


try support@cable-shack.co.uk to message on as the messages here take so long to load at the moment its a joke!

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