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EGR valve 'quality enhancement'

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Yesterday I booked in my 520d F11 (Nov14) for it's second dealer service (2yrs/28k). I was advised that when it is in they will carry out a quality enhancement. On request I was advised it was the EGR valve.

I see from the forum that there was an issue with these some years ago but not heard of anything since. 


Has anyone else had this notification and/or got to the bottom of the problem?


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So, car went in for it's service....

Car dropped off, loan car all sorted, day at work (too busy to take any phone calls), take call on way back to dealer early evening.

The stud which holds the EGR valve cooler to the manifold has sheared. Solution - a new exhaust manifold...but needs to be delivered from Germany.

Service manager is brilliant, looks after me and sorts out a bmw breakdown hire vehicle for me, very quickly, ringing his contacts to speed up all the usual bureaucracy.



When at my own vehicle, dealer shows me one of my sensors pushed into the bumper (cover). Damage I know 100% was not there when I dropped off car (no inspection by dealer on delivery). 

Dealer will sort (again service manager was great), but a routine service turned into a problem.


Anyway, the quality enhancement on the EGR valve is a problem with the cooling system for it, with leaking a possibility. 


Surgery though to now fit the new manifold!







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Car went in for its first MOT (due next month) and to have the BMW end of warranty check over and brake fluid change.


When I picked it up it had a new air con condenser (quality enhancement replacement), and is booked in to have the chrome trims replaced on the door caps (not perfectly aligned and the dealer reckons they were probably slightly bent when originally fitted as no sign of external damage...and, the rear retracting boot cover will be replaced as it has a slight squeak sometimes when rear suspension is compressed when dropping off a speed cushion - £500 apparently!


All very thorough I have to say.


One thing I was concerned about MOT wise was that I had coded the headlamp washers off and thought maybe it was an MOT requirement that they worked - but nothing mentioned.


Oh - different dealer than last time though!



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