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E32 750i misfire, new dizzy' and rotor's

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So... I had a intermittent misfire when I got it, no big deal... Then it got more often... And had a smell eggy... So I got a straight thru exhaust thinking it was collapsed cats, it wasn't the case..

So tested the coil packs and the resistance is as it should and works as should.. Checked dizzy and they where well worn as well as rotor's so I replaced them and it ran a dream! Smooth as silk! Took it round the block and it was brilliant... For maybe a mile.... Then it came back

So double checked the rotor's and dizzy and all as new and fitted properly.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? It's driving me insane now... I think it's ht leads as I had to move them all and mess about and re fit them so I wonder if there's a couple of dodgy leads? Not sure where else to check?

Hope someone can help



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There's not a wealth of info on the M70s, technically a simple engine, but they can give odd problems with little clues. 
Leads could be right, especially if they seemed to work once disturbed.

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Right.... had this on my 750i M73.


To check....


1. Make sure all HT leads are pushed in properly, they "swell" with heat sometimes and pop off a little. When cold just gicve each one a good push to make sure all on ok.

2. Change your fuel filter.

3. The metal petrol tanks rust, siphon out of the bottom the debris, you will loose some fuel unless you filter it and put it back...

4. The HT leads also do get worn but i changed the coils on mine which helped.


Failing that plug it into DIS and see if there are any codes which appear.

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