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Rebuild? Partout? Scrap?

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I'm with dennis on this,

If you have a low mileage, Untouched example it will be worth bucks.

Modified and rebuilt examples just won't be worth as much.

Yes value will go up, he's not denying that.

But spending mega money hoping for it to be safe is totally misguided.

I've spent bucket loads, New engine basically. Still won't be worth as much as a 50k example with original engine and untouched modifications wise.

Mad but reality.

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thought you were after an e60 and then F10 in about 2017 ish?


If so personally i'd either keep this one and do any tidying you need to do to it in order to sell it or sell as is. I certainly wouldn't be making the jump to an E60 for a years stop gap nor would i be throwing a charger anywhere near the e39. I reckon with the cash you'll dodge spending on either of the above options will net you a nicer example of the F10 mate when the time comes.

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