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Underseat Subwoofers in Armrest area

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HI All,

I will  we be replacing all my front speakers soon with some focal components powered by an external amplifier.  

My question is has anyone tried fitting some of those enclosed 8" under seat subwoofers in the armrest area in the E39?  I have seen some images of a Blaupankt sub installed in this area (similar to pic attached), but the likes of Focal and Phoenix Gold also make some now.  I know i wont get  the massive low bass that i would get from a conventional sub box and cutting the ski hatch, but I know have this option (boot space needed) and Im just after a little oomph.  Before i go and try these out does anyone have any experience with these or any advice as i may be missing something obvious which wont allow me to do this.












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That idea would certainly give some punch in the lows but due to the design limitations of  those flat units there will be very little true sub bass extension past 45hz.

If you dont need the windows shaking or need a true natural LF responce I cant see why you wont have hours of enjoyment from that set up.

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Hi Jags,


If just a little more 'low end' and 'oomph' is what you want, then these units might well provide what you want. The issue is that once on the move and with road/wind/engine noise, you'll lose some of the response as the inbuilt amplifiers aren't all that powerful - around 75-85W RMS. The end result may well be all that you are looking for which will be great. My feeling is that it perhaps won't be all that good overall though. I'd recommend proper subwoofers perhaps 6/8 or 10 inch which work in extremely small enclosures. You'd get perhaps a protrusion into the boot space of about 4-5 inches with a height just short of the boot floor to rear shelf and perhaps 10-12 inches wide, so the end result from the armrest looks like this;





Imagine that tiny enclosure behind it. The result would be far better actual 'sub bass' performance which will be musical, controlled and tight. I understand it'll cost more and you will have a 'small' protrusion into the boot space though. The latest range of flat or slimline subwoofers sound awesome! I heard an excellent setup in an Audi R8 using a single slimline 10 inch driver and It's what I'd recommend to do for those who want 'sub bass' with as tiny enclosure as possible.


Cheers, Dennis!

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Hey Dennis,


Thanks for you reply - i didn't know slimline subs existed such as the JL below.  - you are right in that they will hardly use any space.  




I have taken a punt on the Alpine PEW-S8 which is rated at 125w RMS and had the slimmest profile compared to the others.  - I am just  abit hesitant on cutting the metal for the ski hatch and hence why I went for this option.  


I hope to have it fitted soon and will report back my findings.  


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