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19" M Parallel Replica's - Polished lip

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For me, as the picture above


Powder coated centres with hand polished lips; they'd look awesome on your black E39 ;) 

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Hi Richy,


I'd say not to Diamond Cut them. They're made from a softer alloy and no one really knows what the ratio of alloy is for their construction. The diamond cut machine may be setup well but when in use, it's possible more material might be removed than originally intended. Take just a 'little' bit too much off and you lose more structural strength of a wheel ( I know from experience! not a low qualuty wheel either, one of my sets of Hartge's was ruined due to too much material being taken off !!)


Finding someone to hand mirror polish the wheels is also difficult as hardly any wheel refinishing places want/wish to do it. That said, there are a few choices - Pure Klass I see mentioned quite a bit for this so perhaps given them a call - I may also do that as well for some of my other wheel sets. 


If you want 'true' mirror finish that's flawless and as if you really were looking into a mirror, then currently the only real choice is genuine Chroming. I'm able to get this done for you over in the USA - no one I've found will do genuine chrome on a one piece wheel in the UK. This will give you what you'd want, but of course it's very expensive given the shipping there/back, VAT and of course the cost of the job itself. It's not really worth it on replica level wheels but much more worthwhile on genuine high quality wheels. 


I'm always talking to industry contacts though, and I have a potential idea I'm looking into currently. If you are able to hold fire for a short while, I'm finding out more and can update you. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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i can get it to mirror thats not an issue, i have the tools to do that


its the faces this time, as i need to have the inner spokes repainted and inside wheel, im thinking of having the whole face painted this time


ive spoke to a diamond cutter and they can never be diamind cut again due tot he polishing process, so trying to get a flat surface could end up taking way to much off the spokes anyhow and id lose the emblem and centre cap fitment :(


so im either going to keep the faces polished or have them in silver with polished lips



ive had the chrome spray done on a pair of headlights, its just flaked off but was very poor luckily was just a tester, so wouldnt be durable for dished wheels


chrome again, i dont want the entire wheel chromed, i want the inside spokes painted and i cant have this done if they are chromed

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