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Hi guys,


Sorry if I don't explain this too well, but I'll try and clarify where I can.


I recently purchased some new LED bulbs for my high beam H7s (wanted to move from halogens). They are the CREE LED bulbs with a heat sink/fan at the end (you can probably see loads on eBay). An example of a similar bulb below;





 The problem is, I can't use the H7 metal bracket to clip the bulb in place. This is because these new bulbs have a huge fixed heat sink/fan at the end so I can't attach the metal clip from behind.



The black H7 fitting ring unclips and slides out through the front for "easy fitting" but I can't slide the metal bracket from the front as the bulbs are thicker than what the bracket allows (see below)



It seems as though even if I manage to get both back on the bulb, the fitting ring wont have the room to "clip" back on the bulb which won't fix my problem of a loose fit?


Any advice? Anyone had experience fitting these bulbs and how they went about it? I've returned the set I bought as one bulb was faulty so before purchasing a new set, I thought I'd see if anyone has any input on the fitting?



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2 minutes ago, mattjk said:

I tried some of these, they aren't much good



For high beams? I didn't see how effective HIDs would be for a quick "thank you" flash considering they have to warm up..

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19 hours ago, mattjk said:

Sorry i didn't read the post properly just looked at pictures and thought, tried them they are crap lol.



What did you find wrong with them? Not far reaching?

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