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Classic Car Show Bromley

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Bromley Pageant, is probably one of the biggest and best car shows in the South of England, certainly on a par with Uxbridge and it is also nice and early in the calendar for one day on the 5th June 2016.


I am not proposing a forum stand but instead a meet that will most likely attract E3, e12. e28 & e34 forum members, although all are welcome. I have attached a link below for the details of the show and a second link for "One make parking" that is your opportunity to buy your passes on line. There is no pressure to do anything other than put your name and car model below so that we know who to expect. I have attended this regularly over the years, it is a great show.






1. Jam172 (Either E12 535i or more likely e28 528i)

2. JUT535i (e28 M535i)

3. oxo (E39 528i)

4. Splondike (E28 535i)





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