Morning one n all!  Need some help. Fitted a power lead for a traffic camera  to a 2014 F11 2.0d for my bil. I used the power adapter in NSF footwell and ran cable up a pillar and along headlining.......  Camera works and shuts off when ECU closes down.........   The problem is, now, for some strange reason, the SRS warning light is staying on, the map lights aren't working and neither is the auto headlamp facility......... I have managed to read SRS fault code (930AB2: INTERMITTENT), but can't clearvitvwith the scanner I have. I have rechecked everything I have done and other than NS airbag switch on NS panel, I have been near nothing that SHOULD result in these issues........   I have spent 30yrscin the motor trade and am competent at most vehicle based repairs, but have not come across these specific issues anywhere before.....   Please, please, please does anyone out there have an idea ?   The vehicle is still under warranty, but I would like to know for my own piece of mind...   Thanks for looking and for any help or advice offered.   Mike