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1995 E34 540i6

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Hi all,


After living with my E46 oil burner whilst I renovated a house and commuted to work, Ive moved considerably closer so I can afford to drive something that has character and excites me.


I made the journey towards Newcastle to pick up M97 KPK from carl (cable guy) last month... to pick the car up on a cold, windy, wet night and drive the 3.5 hrs west towards Cairnryan so that I could catch the 04:00 ferry back to Northern Ireland.


The plan is to use the car as my daily until I get either an e39 530d touring or an e38 740is (auto) to make the daily commute in traffic more tolerable. Plus I cant stop look at E38's with style 95 wheels... B)


I picked the car up with a set of Rondell 0058 wheels and Full Bilstien suspension kit fitted. The plan is to refurb them when I can take the 540 off the road. The bodywork also needs a bit of attention which will either result in a full arctic silver respray or a silver wrap of some sort. The fitted SSK isnt as bad as I thought for daily driving and the clutch is nice and light...


On the agenda to fix:


- The computer is constantly throwing up light faults from the front dips to the rear numberplate lights. (no idea how to fix this)

- washer jets (dont work at all) - might be the motor that still makes a noise or it might be a hose connection.

- Cruise Control fix (no response).

- Number plate is being changed for a NI style one (in progress).

- Black Grille

- Amber indicators (fronts)

- OEM radio (in progress) If this doesnt work out - Ill go for a modern alpine or pioneer bluetooth headunit (sub in the boot job)!

- Fix rear cigarette socket

- service (no history of the last one).

- Scuttle panel was scuttling. (now fixed)

- Wipers are creaking when they move. (sounds like a motor issue).

- Wheel refurb

- respray or bodywork fixes including dents.

- Dox matrix dash lights.

- Engine cover

- new induction hose (currently covered in duck tape) - If anyone has a spare - let me know :)


Thanks in advance for help and replies to any questions I have regarding some of the fixes.


The night I collected it:






As it sits now:








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I'm glad this 540/6 is still on the Forum :-D I just missed out on this beauty back in 2014 :-D  

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Re cruise, you may need a new cable, they are circa £50 from BMW Classic.  If you need a replacement actuator, I have several.


Ditto for induction hose, go new.


If you need any help accessing BMW Classic, send me a PM.  You get free shipping when you spend over 75 euros.





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Good to see a project thread and it was a pleasure meeting and doing business Aaron. ;)


The car is in good hands and I look forward to seeing progress and improvements. Drive safely.



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Just got a new daily while I take the e34 off the road to do some work.


Smooth as silk. Such a car... 




Genuine alpina. Not that it matters. Great looker.

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Two V8's now Aaron, good work.


e38 needs OEM Lights & Front Grille , lose the chav Number Plate Surrounds and buy a set of matching Number Plates, you'll then have a fine looking machine with some nice Alpina bits on it.

What's the spec like, Black Leather, Comforts or Contours, Bum Warmers, Nav, any other goodies...?



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Thanks, yes - it's the one off ebay. 

It's had £1700 spent on it in 6 months. Everything from rear shocks to window rubbers.


It's a genuine individual model with red and black interior. 


Going to change the 7" oem bmw screen for an android one and the new numberplate holders have been ordered.


I'll put on the original headlights but the chav ones don't look too bad! Especially at night.


Can't understand why anyone would want to make it loud so it's going to be as standard as possible.

Going to get some bits resprayed especially the front splitter.



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Black grille installed,

Drivers door strap attached,

Rear OFS still attached,

Detail and wax (removed over spray & touched up with 303 silver)

M5 OEM rear clusters installed,

OEM radio installed

Heater controls bulb replaced

serviced (castrol edge 10W-40)

Interior walnut trim piece replaced,

New numberplates

New airbox to intake pipe

Removed headlight washer tank



Still to do:


Engine cover (in the post)

Remote central locking

door card clips

bonnet badge

Rear 12v outlet

Drive it B)B)B)B)




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On ‎27‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 7:06 AM, MadeinWigan said:

£5,500, prices have certainly gone through the roof since I sold it.


Since I sold it 6 months ago too.


Come on Aaron what goes... I thought this was a keeper?



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