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Tom Ballard

BMW535d coding cable and disc.

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Hi all I have a 2004 535d. Looking into coding. Anyone know where or who supply's the cable and disc to allow me to tinker? Instructions on how to clear faults (restraints fault etc) and to reg a new battery would be great too.


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Register New Battery????? Never heard of this...


I've just purchased the disk from Cable shack, i got the cable that would work on models 2002-2014. I'm not clued on computers but i can try and ponder around, the software is a bit fiddly but i can tell a lot of work has gone into making it as simple as possible. The software... you really have to research it, i'm at that stage now. I'm sure there's not a great deal to be scared about once you familiarise yourself with it. I have a issue though... In INPA programme the car communicates with the programme but will only allow me to reset fault codes. It wont let me activate the CD changer. If i try using Proggman.. That will recognise the interface but when i try to run a test session a message appears stating (The car is not correctly connected. Battery voltage too low or ignition is not turned on). Now admittedly i did forget which position to have the switch on the cable. So i was pulling it out flicking it over and attempting to communicate with the car over and over. Is there a sequence in starting the software and connecting to the car so the hardware doesn't have a issue. I know this is purely my error . Sorry for piggybacking onto this thread but hope to get a quicker response. Go for it though Tom if you're confident on a comp and welcome to the site

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