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My 530D sport project

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Ok time for an over due update, been busy with work. 


Wanted to do some slight work on the rest of the exhaust :). 

27557160850_b7eaf57f08_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-26-56 by Sken21, on Flickr


One of my rear ARB brackets snapped, I nearly dropped the phone when Bmw said they were £39 each!!!!!!! how much????!!!!!!! 

27223244014_408be06f18_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-30-07 by Sken21, on Flickr


4x New tyres all round, also got a set of 18"s and a set of 19"s. Fronts were 225 40 17 and rear 245 40 17, now gone for the correct 235 40 17 and 255 40 17 the ride is better on the front for sure. 

27733960532_8bd11336a0_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-31-22 by Sken21, on Flickr


Then my problems started, took about a month of mixed driving to cure it (touch wood). 

27223369293_4c20fc9fc7_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-29-26 by Sken21, on Flickr

As  can be seen my pre-supply went and I limped home, next day I went to start and it wouldnt even fire pre-supply down to 1 bar. 

It had an occasionally mis-fire that was completely random, would come and go. 

I also had a serious diesel leak, the last injector on the rail had become loose at the connection and pissed diesel down the back of the block. 

My theory is the miss and failing pre-supply created vibrations that loosened it. 

Anyway ECP new pierburg pre-supply, inlet off tighten up all working again. 


Following week the miss comes back (FML), plug it in and the error code is fuel pressure sensor. 

Fit a used one problem solved.

1500 miles later, miss comes back (Maybe I should drive it off a cliff), Advised to replace the loom connector to the sensor aswell. 

Ordered the connector £60! and left the car whilst I fly off for work. 

Fly back then on the way back to my parents...........


27733966102_e684c780ee_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-31-41 by Sken21, on Flickr


Next day I take the inlet off and replace the connector, touch wood its been fine now. 

27223279124_2c76860921_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-32-23 by Sken21, on Flickr

27223270864_3f9e7a9273_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-32-01 by Sken21, on Flickr


I also did a leak off test just to rule anything else out. 

27223288174_bb9de78932_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-32-50 by Sken21, on Flickr


Then auto glass turned up. 

27223284954_867d0cc55d_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-32-35 by Sken21, on Flickr

Wet vac of all the carpets inside and all the interior bits. 

27733985702_2f0d6a7575_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-33-01 by Sken21, on Flickr


First attempt at cutting and waxing the paint. 

27223424003_47d987425a_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-33-33 by Sken21, on Flickr


Planning a road trip to Scotland and the clutch pedal has slowly started to feel worse, it wasn't slipping but there was a clunk and delay with engagement. 

So that was done aswell, clutch doesnt look half bad for probably 275k. 

27801119346_9695bbb753_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-33-58 by Sken21, on Flickr

27801121646_56897dafd6_z.jpg2016-06-22_12-34-10 by Sken21, on Flickr



Put 700 miles on the new clutch over the weekend, when it runs well it makes all the hassle worth while !!!!


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I am still driving this heap! not updated the thread for ages. Still plenty more done.  I cant bring myself to get rid of it now lol, on the look out for an Alpina or an M5 though. 


Back to the end of 2016 early 2017. I picked up a set of style 65's I ran for some months. 




With some mates E39's . (Not sure if Simon is on here, the black one is in E39 heaven now). 



I then did 2000 miles around the highlands. 




Even did one night in the E39, suprisinly comfy with some double mattress sized foam and bedding! 






E39 taxi spotted in Hamburg. 



I then managed to find some E38 heated contours after 2 years of looking. 





Some more work -







The other sill went as well. Probably will have to drop the tank and cut all of it out at some point. 






I also purchased another 530D, she was owned by a bmw tech. Sucked in a flap and the head was rebuilt, has the E60 turbo and a few other mods. The autobox TQ then went so I broke it up and stole bits for mine. 










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Into 2017, I ran Para's 




I then had stripped the needed bits for mine (Kept the engine spare, remember mine is nearly on 300,000 plus now). And picked up some B12's.  

Parts to go on- 

-B12's + new top mounts. 

-E90 inlet

-E60 larger turbo

-E60 engine cover

-bigger IC. 

I also replaced one injector, E60 map sensor to be fitted once mapped. 












Who said you need a touring? ;) 





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Sods law I did actually buy a 540i Touring, and also realised I have been hoarding wheels. The 540i needed what mine had and then more! I decided once the mot was up to get rid. 




Moved to my own place so the parents could have some of the front lawn back..............




Spare engine for under my workbench. 




Rebuilding the balance shaft unit for my parents VW.  It was actually driven to the garage and the garage then ran it with no oil pressure (Woops). Some how it didnt really do any damage and the turbo is still fine 6000 miles on. Bit of a gamble. 



The blue was nearly totally in bits, I also purchased a plasma cutter and cut it in half, a HIAB couldn't get up the drive. 




Someone in Reading rear ended me whilst I was stationary!!!!!! time to look for bumper number 3 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. 




I somehow ended up with another 530d sport, something to the Mrs about needing a bumper and I cant remember...... 




I had then been prepping a new bonnet and the front bumper for the new IC. The bumper was cut back for the larger intercooler already. It needed quite a lot of plastic welding. 









E39 approved knee pad. 






Emptying the tank of the silver sport, again this had terminal rust. I stole the glass sunroof and a few other bits. The roof skin and mounts are the same. The hard part on a retrofit would be cutting the sunroof section out. 



I also purchased this as it would fit easily in the garage. A cooper sports le with a load of engine and gearbox work about 90bhp. 





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Aha. Brilliant. I wondered had you still got this. Then a load of notification emails popped into my inbox this morning. The e39’s are a labour of love these days. I still have mine. A 2002 525d manual. It’s titan grey and really close to your own chosen color. Have about 250k on mine and it is nearly rust free. I’m in Ireland of course. My car came from UK in 2006 so it didnt get exposed to as much salt as you guys heap onto the roads over there. 




Youre a mighty man to keep with the e39. It takes a certain type not to go off and get a loan and go up the years.

But then there’s no fun in  that. 


Keep it up. Love the updates. 



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Cheers Dan !, yeah have been meaning to update for an age. Looks very clean! I would certainly buy on body condition and not mileage if its been looked after they will go on fine. Mines on about 330k I think. 

To be fair in 2018 I barely touched it all year, I just fitted a new rear bumper. For the mot in Jan it only had front brake pipes, front track arms and the smaller thrust arms. 1 advisory for the front wheel bearings feeling a tad rough. 

Its the best daily ive had, handles quite nicely super smooth, enough power and decent mpg. Its also been reliable in the scheme of things. 


I used to have loads of time but no money, now I have money for it I have no time. I have been tempted by an F10 just to then work on the other cars I have but im not sure I could not drive the E39 everyday haha. 



Just to update the whole of 2018 and into last month for the mot. 



Pulling injectors from the silver one- 



Been here before...... 






Front brake pipes (Still cheap from bmw)



300,000 odd had taken its toll on the drivers seat belt so this was swapped out. 



Winter wheels on for the mot, and that takes it up to date now. Planned bits are to get the webasto working and front wheel bearings sometime this year. Some of my paintwork has crazed so ill probably bare metal it and paint it again but no idea when ! want to get my hands on a clean ish M5 or Alpina for a bit. 





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With all the work you would think I am doing tons! 


I've only done about 50k in it now. 





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