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Whisky drinkers

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Ardbeg is lovely


Currently have in the cupboard:


Jura Origin

Jura Superstition

HIghland Park

Glenfiddich - for the hip flask

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Glenmorangie is a highland not a spayside ... this is my fav whiskey quinta rubin and the 25year old are epic

Ha that should've said glenmoray, strangely my phone prefers glenmorangie :-)

Glenmorangie is smashing also

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this is my fav whiskey quinta rubin


Looks interesting. I will definitely give this a try.



Anyone using a "Glencairn" glass? My bro-in-law introduced me to them (he works in the whisky industry) and they do seem to add to the experience


I actually bought two glencairn glasses over Christmas but to be honest, I still prefer just a tumbler as it's very intense in that little glass. Too much so for me.

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This is our collection of all alcoholic drinks, nothing majorly expensive or rare as such, just built up upon recommendations and more recently, reading up on some the best voted ones etc. Various family members have different tastes as well although the Wine selection is mainly due to gifts etc as not many drink it. 























I do want to try more of the genuine Bourbons like Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey etc etc so will build up some bottles of those and try them out. The Monkey Shoulder I really like after 4 of us polished a bottle off in around 20 minutes at a mates 40th a few years back! it's nice and smooth so has been introduced to more members of the family and other friends as well! bottles have made their way to relatives in India and the USA too! The Jura was given as a present from a client a few months ago after some consultation about his IT and software setup, he was very very thankful I saved some important data etc. The Laphroig is indeed very 'petey' but I do like it! From the pictures, we have the usual selection, Johnnie Walker and various labels, Glenfiddich, Chivas Regal ..   there's some missing bottles of 15 and 18 year versions though! haven't got around to replacing them!


I need to try some more of the vodka's as more gifts of the stuff have come through, I'm hoping some of them are smoother rather than the 'battery acid' feeling I usually get if I think of the stuff! A staple choice for the Indians is Bacardi, I currently can only have it in Mojito's, so like the vodka's, hopefully can try more flavours and other brands too. 


Last night was a good 7/8 glasses of Honey infused Jack Daniels, and very smooth with a single ice cube! tasted like caramel !


Cheers, Dennis!

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I'm a rum man really - Ron Millonario and Plantation XO are current faves. I've had good bourbon too - Prichard Double Barrelled is awesome, and Maker's Mark is fine too (and easier to find).

Someone gifted me some St Andrews scotch - in a novelty barrel bottle. Is this any good? Would a real whisky drinker appreciate it?

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Only started enjoying Scotch recently,  even though I work for the world's largest whisky producer.  I can't take any of the peaty malts,  I like Cardhu 12yo, JW Platinum 18yo is a good blended,  Dalwhinnie is an easy drink

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I'm doing fine mate, not had a BMW since my 645 2 years ago, got a Focus ST3 (56), must be an age thing. Desperately want back in a Beemer. E91 or maybe another 6 series, would still love an M5, but still can't afford one.

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Current favourites are (in no particular order):


Dalmore See Dram

Dalwhinnie 15

Glenlivet 18

Chivas Bros cask strength Glenlivet 18

Glenrothes 91


And for an everyday (well, not quite every day, but you know what I mean) drop, I'm quite fond of a Monkey Shoulder: seriously easy drinking.

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Not really a big whisky drinker, but seem to have far too many bottles on the go.


Ardbeg 1973 (27yo)

Ardbeg 1974 (26yo)

Blair Athol 1975 (24yo)

Bowmore 25yo

Bruichladdich 11yo

Burnside 1992 (22yo)

Caol Ila 23yo

Glen Albyn 1965 (34yo)

Glenfarclas 1965 (34yo)

Glenglassaugh 22yo

Glenglassaugh 1960 (44yo)

Glenturret 1965 (34yo)

Highland Park 8yo

Lagavulin 16yo

Imperial 1976 (23yo)

Macallan 1989 (25yo)

Macallan 1989 (26yo)

Macallan 1990 (23yo)


A couple of single grains

Carsebridge 33yo 

Girvan 1965 (47yo)

and some 33yo blend


Suppose that I should really drink them, as well as the other bottles that haven't been opened yet, but my poison is rum. 


Anyway, if you like that sort of thing, the Ardbeg 10yo isn't a bad drop. 

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