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Rear view mirror fallen off please help

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Hi to all,

I'm new to this forum. Hope someone can help!

I'm loathe to go to the dealer for this as I think might be doable by myself but a bit hard to explain.

Basically I have a 520d 11 plate so I believe this is a F10. Please correct me if wrong.

Got in car and found rear view mirror hanging by wires. Not knocked that aware of. The mirror is auto dimming and attached to the rain sensor cover. The rear view mirror mount plate is not on the windscreen but I have no idea if it ever was as I can't seen any glue residue or anything on the screen. However the rain sensor cover/trim has come off the windscreen too. So I have the mirror and this housing hanging off and only the wires holding it all up.

So tried simply to clip back on to the rain sensor because that is what I think has broken off I.e the trim for this has 2 clippy type things either side towards the bottom that appear broken. However as broken no joy and I can't get the mirro back on. Have had to duck tape but cannot be used properly.

Question is first how is the mirror normally attached to the windscreen - can someone look at theirs or has done so already? at first I thought that the mount plate thing needs to be glued back on to windscreen but as no residue or nothing appears not to be the case. secondly as the clips on the rain sensor trim/cover are broke is it this which holds the mirror up?

If the latter I assume I need to replace this trim ( it's like a rectangle body shape thinner at top and sits over the rain sensor) but I can't find it anywhere online or don't know what it is called. If it is this I need to replace has anyone got a walkthrough of how to remove and replace if I can find the part first?

Does anyone have this part spare?

If I'm completely wrong and the mount plate needs gluing is this easy to do and any recommendations for glue and how to do it. If this was the fix however I'd stil have the rain sensor trim hanging loose which I would not mind if the mirror was fixed on firm. please can someone help? It looks like an easy thing to fix but as with all car repairswhen you look into it they always ending up becoming complicated and I do not want to go through the dealer if at all possible.

If it helps I don't personally think the mount plate was glued on to start but I could be wrong. However given how heavy it is (auto dimming) hard to think the rain sensor cover/trim held it up on its own. I just can't work it out.

Please help your advice is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

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It would be much easier if you posted pictures of what has gone wrong.


The mirror and other bits attach to bits pre-adhered to the screen:




Here are mine in place:






Here is the kafas from realoem, showing it doesn't glue on:




And here is the "box". Part 14 is an adhesive pad:




The mirror attaches into that hole.


Is it a replacement screen?



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Ok I will try to get pictures but yes your windscreen looks similar i.e. There are bits already stuck on the screen which the box/trim/case for the rain sensor (which has the mirror fed through the hole) appears to click on to. I cannot yet identify the box from the 14 shown however I can see my box has two clips that are broken at the bottom. So you are saying for sure mirror was not glued to glass and need not be?

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Pottsy thanks for your reply. The mirror is firmly connected to the metal round bit that you are talking about and you would think should be stuck to the windscreen. However it is not stuck to the windscreen. I don't know it if it was because there is a plastic base to it - no adjoining part in the windscreen and both surfaces complete smooth with no sign of gluing. That is why I am led to believe it is the mirror baseplate (the mirror feeds through it) that covers the rain sensor and appears to clip on to it effectively holding the mirror up. I'm not convinced by that so needed input by someone who knows what if the two holds the mirror up. If it's the mirror baseplate (where I can see some breakage of clips) inside I will try to get the part and do it myself. I dunno if this is the correct thing to do at present.

Thanks again.

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Nothing there.


Press "Choose Files" and select the picture(s). 





They will then upload, and you will see an "add to post". Put the cursor in the post area and press "add to post".






Now it should look like this:





Press "add reply" and you are done!

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Ok tried again hope worked.

Have a look at this link do you agree this is the part:


I believe it is cover number 1 from your earlier post pottsy.

Do you agree it is just the cover I need which also is a two piece cover.

Can you see the bits that are broken too? Plus no sign of gluing.








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Forget the covers themselves for a bit. Can you get the mirror to engage in the mount in the windscreen? You have to insert it at 45° and twist it to the correct orientation. The cover is just cosmetic. I don't know whether the mirror connector is broken (or the mirror arm has broken off leaving the remainder on the windscreen).


If in doubt - I would go to a decent windscreen place. They will have lots of experience of these parts and will be cheaper than a main dealer.

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The part number of your mirror is 922431. You can see what the connector looks like here:




I think the metal disk with the 3 notches (in the end of your mirror) needs to be removed from the mirror and glued to the screen:




If you use the wrong glue, you can break the screen, so I'd still go to a windscreen place and get them to glue it back on.



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Pottsy I don't think I need that part. Everything save the cover is intact and working. Why did you think i needed it out of curiosity?


You're right I definitely think the metal base needs to come off the mirror and needs to go back on the windscreen. I've been looking at other forums on here saying to do that.


So moving forward dealer or windscreen repair shop - does anyone recommend the dealer?



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