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Doing a 'fresh install' for BMW software - what OS is best?

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 I recently upgraded my Win 7 64 bit laptop to win 10 - I had previously had problems with the BMW software on 64 bit Win 7 so have left some space for a 'clean' alternative OS install for the BMW stuff. Also keeps my laptop clear of bmw clutter


What OS am I best dual booting with for best BMW software support?


Will be used with a 2001 E39 and 2006 E60 if that makes any difference.


Is Xp the way ahead or win 7 32 bit?


I'm not an advanced user so looking for the most simple way to use this.


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I have no issues with my Windows 7 laptop for INPA, NCS, DIS, etc... they all work perfectly and my laptop runs better with 7 than XP


It's only use these days is for diagnostics & coding in fact.

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