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please delete

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No there not, and no they dont,

need an adapter.

Thanks, very helpful as I've been offered a refurbished set for good price, but not much use if they don't fit! He was fairly certain they are the same as his 840ci , but I am more trusting of you guys here tbh.

Re: adapter are these a specialist part, off the shelf or will I need to get them made up? Plus does this affect the off set? Etc


E28 M535i 1986

E28 528i 1984

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Lol I posted this thread on what I thought was the e38 part of the seven series forum, by mistake my tapatalk was still on forum 5 lol,

Why did the e38 728i get 4 pot brembo though? When the 740i didn't? Doesn't make much sense, did the 728i have better stopping power as a result?

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