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WOAH! F10 iDrive retrofit into E39s and E38s is a reality!

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3 minutes ago, inkiboo said:

Can't do this weekend but ping me your number and we can work out a time. I'm in Ickenham so not a million miles away.



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Has anyone tried it with the evo NBT? It's a lot smaller, and can be mounted in the DIN area, and then you can either mount the 8inch screen in front or the 10.25" screen at the top.

With the 10" touch screen, what is the advantage of touch over non-touch screens? The 8" one looks more oem but what functionality would I potentially loose with that over the 10"?

The iBus adapter is a little more than the £300 (Damn brexit) but the germaniks package looks to be a little more cost effective, but I feel his price for the bezel is a little expensive.

What's the difference between the evo NBT with 4gb over the 2gb?

Defo looking to get this purchased and installed very soon, once I've seen the local trailblazers.

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