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do you think these wheels suit an e28?

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this is a win win situation


if this idea should fail I will simply sell on the goods for profit, and bang my style 32's back on


if I don't instantly feel its right they go. But I can say I was the first to fit mv1's not the last to fit e34 cross spokes


time to get a whiff of that lux varient velour and remind myself im no drifter


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So where's the pics?

I've read all this and noting to see! :(


Gavin :)

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Oh right, well put it this way, I had an e46 with mv1 and the thought to remove my remotec and bolt one of these up certainly never crossed my mind. Each to their own I suppose but as said where are the pics?

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I still think they could look good anyone anyone? how about in a dark graphite gunmetal? when these wheels first came out on the e46 3 series where I saw them at least I thought they looked like wheels that complemented everything bmw do new and old. ive been curious to see them on an e28 ever since. I think I will just have to try them out, if it looks clearly as bad as you guys think I can sell them on nothing lost. But alpinas as we see above very unoriginal if nice


im going to go it alone and insist these wheels could potentially add a grand theft auto video game look e28, fantasy style or just look plain ...... with my new deleted rear boot spoiler im eager to see the shark with these oversized wheels


you cant even googel a picture of an e28 with mv1 wheels its that never been done before. a photoshop would be a good idea but I can never get it to look true for a fair trial



I think the whole forum will have to admit that I was right and everyone else is wrong on this one. im sure its going to be a winner! pics coming soon



there will be no pics of mv1s on  my e28 thank you very much in my opinion they are not suited


How's the humble pie fella...?



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