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6 Appreciation thread!

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That's a beautiful six as they all are, I have a mint low mile 645i that I've recently acquired after years of wanting one and what a brute.

I had an E60 540i sport previous to this and was expecting the six to drive the same but it doesn't , it's a lot tighter and seems more hunkered down and set up to be more sporting than the five it's based on kind of like a large m3.

I'll try and get some pictures up. I've also just ordered the Eibach pro kit as my only complaint is it looks a wee bit tall on its wheels.

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Thanks mate :)


Yeah I think most people expect them to be heavy and not very fast but that couldn't be further from the truth. Its considerably lighter than my E39 M5 I had before.


Mine isnt a genuine sport but as the changes are between a normal and sport on these are purely cosmetic it didn't worry me to much. That had only done 55k when I bought it although its done 62k now. 


Get some pictures up! What wheels is yours on? Mine was on 18's when I got it and they looked lost, they were actually a nice wheel when of the car but just didn't look right at all. You wouldn't think it was the same car!



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It's on the 19" elipsoid type which I quite like now I've had them refurbed, the type yours has on are on my wish list as they are much sportier looking IMO. What are the differences from sport to non sport? Mine has the sport seats but chrome trim around the window.

It also has the sport steering wheel the same as an e60 sport.

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I have a couple of period brochures, one for the 645ci era convertible and one for the 650i era for both the coupe and convertible.


What is very interesting is the 2004 convertible brochure doesn't list a sport version as a package, although the options are there. On the convertible at least sports seats, elipsoid wheels and chrome trim were extras. Also no 630i listed either!



Where as in the 2006 brochure there is a "sport" pack listed which has the following:


Style 218 19" Wheels (what I have on mine, it quite clearly states standard and ONLY for sport models haha)

High Gloss shadow line (includes washer jets) (interesting to see that chrome became standard and black became the sport options, mine has chrome that's the give away)

M Sports leather steering wheel (as far as I can tell the looks almost identical to the normal one apart from the normal one has no M badge and there are two corner "fillets" in silver on the normal one which are black on the m sports one)

Sports seats (mine has these specified from factory)

Dark Birch wood trim (mine also has this from factory, instead of the standard Silver or Ruthenium as they call it)

Anthracite Headlining (I cant work out if they all have this or not, cant seem to find any reference as to what colour it is otherwise - mine looks like the picture)



It is interesting to note that ALL cars have a "sport" button and sports suspension, no mechanical changes between a normal and a sport (one of the reasons I didn't mind which I bought!)



Style 218's are not easy to find second hand though, I managed to get a set that were in "good condition" actually from a wheel place down south, they were not at all "good" when they arrived so I had them refurbished and put new caps in and they look good now. To be fair in those pictures the car was filthy.



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I was seriously thinking about upgrading to the 640d from my 5series.stunning looks,impressive performance to mpg ratio,but unfortunately the apparent lack reliability with newer BMW cars has honestly stopped me so far.

ive looked at other cars,Audi,Mercedes the usual suspects,but I always end up back to the 6. Time will tell

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Thought I'd boost the 6er population up a bit more.

Here's a couple of pics of my '04 645ci with Black sports seats and shadowline trim.

The V8 noise is extremely addictive! :lol:





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