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Alpine PXA-H100

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Is there any value in adding the PXA-H100 to a standard DSP system with Intravee, iPod dock and upgraded speakers. My head tells me that fitting the PXA-H100 to a system with a standard BMW DSP is a non-starter but if it will work and give me more options then I might think about it.


Since upgrading the BM54 and adding new speakers I've turned off the stock DSP and now the music sounds very good. 


Sorry if this has already been answered but I did do a search and couldn't find the answer

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If you have already replaced the speakers then, depending on what speakers you have, you will get some benefit from swapping the DSP amp for an H100 and better quality amps.

The stock DSP amp does not have much power and it's 'matched' to the speaker characteristics. You will get better quality with an H100 and good quality speakers and amps, no question, the important point is how much improvement it is for you compared to the effort.

Replacing the DSP system is no easier or more difficult than replacing any system in the E39. With a little care you can utilise the speaker wires to reduce the work required, but you still need to install new amps which will be considerably bigger than the stock DSP amp and install crossovers for a 2 or 3 way front setup.

Unless you are unhappy with the DSP setup, it's probably not worth the effort, at least until the DSP amp fails!

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Hi Richard, I’ve picked up a PXA-H100 as I’d like to replace the OEM DSP. I’m hoping you’re still willing to make a break out box if you have time?

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