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Official BMW part number help needed please.

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Hi all.

I have a 2000 v reg 523i  2.5l and i am having trouble trying to find a genuine bmw camshaft position sensor (intake side).

After market ones do not seem to agree with the car,have tried 2 different ones but the obd scanner keeps showing the

error code saying its this sensor.I have delayed starts which keeps putting the car into safe mode,and i have to keep

re-setting the codes to get from a to b + plus i keep getting the engine light on also.

Does anybody know the official bmw part number for this part? 

Appreciate any feedback.


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amand has helped you out already - you can check on RealOEM but checking on ETK for your VIN number is the best way, I understand Cotswold BMW will probably give you a better price if you can hang on a couple of days!


EDIT: I'd suggest checking the signal on the sensor too as it may be wiring related instead of the sensor at fault. A blast of contact cleaner on the sensor may also help.

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P.s I have checked the number to confirm the part BigMan,and it is indeed the correct part,within 5 mins of reading your

post i found one on e-bay,used but guaranteed to be working for £20! Result! 

Thanks very much again both of you for your help.

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