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On 15/11/2017 at 9:59 PM, RichardP said:

The white leather jacket is just so 70's!  I think they came with clip on moustache included. 




Looks like they drive panel vans with a mattress in the back in their spare time.

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Latest addition to the M1, three pieces of unobtainium.




In their rightful place



The main suitcase and garment bag are in very good condition, hardly used.  The cream lining of the suitcase is imaculate




Lovely little details, like a popper to attach the zips to when the flap on the case is shut



I even found the original guarantee slip with the case number inside one of the pockets



The smaller flight case has obviously been used much more and needs some TLC and a good clean.  Job for the weekend.


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5 hours ago, RichardP said:

Have you seen one...


Actually.... I'll send you a link.























On second thoughts, never trust a url from me.

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Had a go at the flight bag this evening.


One of the zips is missing it's tag, fortunately it's the only zip that has two heads on the same zip, so it does not have to be used.



One of the zips was separating at one end



Fixed, more difficult than I thought it would be, but then hopefully it won't come apart again.



I cleaned the leather with LTT leather cleaner and then applied some Renapur














Something had obviously been spilt inside the bag at some point and stained the corner piece.  Before



After.  Not perfect but an improvement and it is actually less noticeable in the flesh



Some scuffing of the leather piping on the bottom of the bag, before






The inside had obviously had things spilt in it



After, only a small improvement. I could not get rid of the white marks, maybe toothpaste or foundation that has some sort of solid constituent



All in all an improvement, and considering it's all the best part of 40 years old, it could be much worse.



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More rocking horse shit discovered in Germany arrived yesterday.  The boxes have seen better days




But, oh, the contents!  Never been used.




The first thing that strikes you is just how badly these wheels are finished when new!  Quite shocking quality from the Italians.  You want the centres painted black? Well this will do, never mind that it's not quite central, I had a bit too much Chianti at lunch ...




Inside the wheel bolt holes need to be painted too?  Ok, if we must, but I can't be bothered really ...




The finish is very rough on the outside to, but better on the inside - the reverse of the wheels I have on the car which have a bit of texture on the outside and are very poor on the inside.


I can now however say with some confidence that the Campagnolo logo should go opposite the valve. The cars in Munich in September 2016, both privately owned and BMWs cars, had them all over the place, if at all.  I do however much prefer my transfer type decals over the genuine article (again stuck on with typical Italian precision).





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When my late Dad worked at BMW GB in Bracknell, M1's would be collected from either the owners house or their local main dealer and transported to Bracknell to be serviced/repaired. Main dealers weren't allowed to touch them unless it was something really simple like a bulb or brake pads. Whilst there were some staff at Bracknell who could work on them, normally guys would come over from Germany to do anything major. There were always one or two in there.  

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Presumably, because there were so few of them in the UK, BMW AG thought that it wasn't worth training any techs to work on them.


Actually, if you look at the service manual, most jobs are much easier than the nearest equivalent on a modern car.  You just can't plug in into the diagnostic computer to have it tell you what to do!

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