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'94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

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The touring sunroof cassettes are held in with plenty of t30 screws and a couple of clips iirc

the tricky part when removing is keeping the grp sunroof drain ports intact. If they don't break when you release the plastic drain pipes then they are easily caught on the body upon removal - a two person job for sure

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hello folks,


time to resume the wip


-PLEASE can this thread be moved into projects?? my fault, sorry !! PLEASE-


Last time you saw her, my pile of junk was sitting with the roof taped up.

well, it actually sat for the two weeks I've been away on holiday.


nevermind, I got a pair of good motors from a donor e34t, turned the spindles with good old allen friend, and with a bit of patience I got the fucker moving on its own power.

it took a while to get it to close, but it finally did.

Now it will have to come open again so I can try to clean those drains since every time it rains the car becames a mobile swimming pool, and soon there will be nothing left of that nice interior..


to the pics !!


bumper off to figure out what makes the washer tank piss everywhere




somebody has broke one of the headlamp washer pump fittings while taking the bumper off.



here's the solution




got a brass fitting, trimmed it down to fit, heated it, some sealant, and hopefully it works.


or does it?


i forgot to bench test the pump. I think is dead...


and it started leaking again.

I might delete it all together. I wanted it though.




time for the fun stuff.


My turn to drop the lower sump cover. 




any guesses?




no surprise. four bolts, three small ones, and the biggie that screws into the adjuster.


bit of a clean




I did it the old way, clean up as much as i could of the old tripleQx gunk, put some loctite on the threads, torqued them to spec, I did not have a new seal and oil filter, so I just cleaned the surfaces as much as I could, put some Caf4 on the gasket, trimmed the excess, and refilled with the 5w30 we use at work, I'll drain it soon to replace the filter and put the right 5w40 in it.

Oh, the pump was pretty loose, the bentley does not have a tension figure for the chain, I've adjusted it by feel, now I doesn't tick as bad as it did before when starting from cold, just for half a second, but I think the manifolds are leaking, or the tappets might do with a change, all that time with nasty oil pressure..


another shot on the ramp, try to fix that damn washer bottle (crucial repairs)





well that's pretty much it.

not a lot, I know, but I have to find a place that has a flat parking space a front so that I can work on the ship while at home.

saw a beautiful detached house in mitcham the other day, fingers crossed..


the car hasn't be washed since I bought it, I'm a dirty dude, but the interior is mint. sort of.

looks mighty on the road though, love it






alignment next, got the track rods..













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Being one of many that have fought with the double sunroof horror show I second the idea of buying a complete used spare and simply bolting up your metal covers, no painting required... Good time to renew the main seal as well...


Nice to see this car being brought back to spec, though As Simon (Bumbaclut) says if this is a genuine Schnitzer conversion you would be very well advised to retain as many of the parts as possible, these are exceptionally rare cars now...


Best of luck with it! :D

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hi chaps,


thanks for the interest in my old shitter, she's still alive and running, thankfully.


didn't do much in the last few weeks, mainly due to friends or family coming to visit all at the same time, but also for plain lazyness.


I had my first experience of buying original parts from a dealer, that in my case was BMW nine elms in south london, i later learned how bad their reputation is, and got started, very slowly, fitting them.


I got myself a new pcv valve (forgot the rubber seal), two fuel filters, an oil filter, thermostat plastic cover and seal (didn't forget that!), all for just 185 pounds, bargain.




with a hurt wallet, I later went on ebay and bought some febi bilstein stuff, which isnt bmw but not exactly shit, including a full set of cam cover gaskets, and a new timing chain tensioner, the most important bit so far.


I recently ordered two more oil filters, peace of mind.


the car has been running on high octane fuel only, mainly sheel v.power, for almost 2 months now; ive actually never done it but this is by far the worst car, in terms of overall condition, I've ever owned, so I'm trying my best to get rid of all the gunk that i Know is still in there. high octane fuel can help, specially with the later model dme.


very soon though, I'll have to figure out a way to laid her up in a covered place, so I can finally put my hands in the gutts of the m60 without worrying about how long it will take.


the only significant thing I've done in these lazy weeks is replacing the timing chain tensioner.

the recently rebolted pump has helped a lot, but there was still a clear ticking, specially when starting from cold.


not many pics I'm afraid, just the obvious one, old vs new




the old tensioner was almost solid, no spring action whatsoever.


the new one has definetly made a difference, but I don't think there's much left of the timing chain or guides, they'll have to be replaced, as soon as possible.

the car still starts with a earable ticking that quietens down as she heats up, but you can definetly hear the chain running against the guides, from 1500rpm upwards. is nothing like when I first bought the car of course, a whisper would probably be louder, but i Know it's there, and it has to be dealt with. hence, I've pretty much stopped driving it fast, can't help myself sometimes I admit it, but most of the time is just a slow commuter, as now is a daily driver.

I'll have to borrow a friends garage, as I don't have a secured car park, or a drive, and then try to carry out the replacement of the main chain, probably even the ones that drive the exhaust camshafts, and of course the chain guides. I know it's not the end of the world, but I come from a japanese car, where everything was very simple and there was a lot of feedback on the net; the big m60 kind of scares me, even if I deal with 4plus liter v12s every single day, but believe it or not they're very simple machines.


anyhow, that's for the near future, as now the car runs stronger than ever, i'm very happy to drive it, even though I'm starting to struggle with the fuel consumption.. I'll try and replace all the parts I bought to give it a good onceover, this weekend I'll try to bring some of my tools home and have a go with the cam covers, shouldn't be a big deal.


I've put in the new thermostat cover, since the car was pissing everywhere and it wasn't a good sight. now the system pressurizes with no problems, but I'm not sure about the pink coolant I've put in. so far so good.


I'll change the oil again soon, I did not have the filter last time, now it's about time.


the old girl still runs good, I'm really in love with it. the noise of a glorious v8 with a stick under the bonnet of a large old school estate car like the e34 is just incredible. it is practical like nothing else, one of my friends is an harpist, and she will damn tell you how spacious these cars are




it has recently done some miles, going back and forth from brighton to drive my parents around, i smelt something burning along the way, not sure what it was, cm cover were kind of oily... maybe that old pcv ??


updates soon, here are some bonus videos that were sent to me by some members of the italian bmw forum I also write on, check out one of the previous owners towing skills..




uhm, real fun.


the gearbox still works, in case you're wondering.


greetings from the sunken ship !!






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quick update, just changed those old fuel filters




as always, didn't have time to do it properly. I wanted to renew the fuel lines, all the clips, and blast and paint the bracket.

none of that has been done, but at least the filters are in.


here's the old stuff




looks like whoever changed them last time was either blind or very short on cash, as one of the two filters has been in there waaay longer than than his companion..




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weekly update !!


In goes the new pcv valve this time.


it it kind of a bitch, only because of those stupid t30 bolts. other than that fairly straight forward.


very bad pics, apologies


set expansion tank aside, two nuts and two hose clamps




old vs new




new one in with proper 10mm bolts




had to improvise a new rubber grommet as the old one has had it. replaced a vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator as well




and that's it.


I've had a bit of a surprise when I found out that there's no rubber tube connected to the valve outlet in the inlet manifold, probably that's referred to the m62 unit, don't know.


it runs exactly the same, I'm not expecting instant changes as the inlet manifold was full of oil and I still have to change cam cover gaskets and spark plugs.


I've changed the oil again, same 5-40 helix ultra we use at work, new bosch filter.

I'd like to finish all these bits, I've only got cam cover left at the moment, and then crack on with a driveline service, brakes, rust..


slowly but surely !



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Hey fellas,

How do I work out if my gearbox takes atf or gear oil?

It's got no sticker on it.

Also the diff was claimed as a locking unit, I don't think it is I'll have to look at the sheet metal tag. Any tips on what fluid to put in it ?

I'll be at brands hatch on the 13th of December, if the thing holds for the whole day it deserves to be saved !!


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Well done on a major project - E34 are worth the effort but problem is always what many previous owners didn't do when they should and did do when they shouldn't  - that is the puzzle sorting that lot plus a bit ol age and wear and tear.

car has found a good caring home with plenty of sympathy not to mention patience.

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thanks fellas appreciate that !


I just got myself a set of braided brake lines that I hope will help during the trackday, we'll see. will change all the brake and clutch fluid too.


also got a new pcv seal that I'll fit asap, it should be an easy job now with the new bolts.


while there I'll probably have a look at the coolant temperature sender, because I have a feeling that the one that sends signal to the dme is bullshitting me, causing the hot start problem, I'll look into that.

tomorrow I'll try and service the driveline with new fluids, still have to work out what oil to put in the gearbox, any thoughts ??


what a dumbass idea was to book the trackday..

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another quick update,


changed gearbox fluid, found a lot a ATF in it, it gushed out of the fill plug, which was a surprise; plus, I don't think my car wants atf because my gearbox does not have any stickers on it, and the fill and drain plugs are normal 17mm, instead of the hex 17mm on gearboxes with atf, all this according to the bentley.

I did a check on autodata and it actually says "no sticker: SAE80" which I've never heard of.

I've put 75-90 in it, same one we use in ferrari f1 gearboxes that are manuals with electronic actuators, and after 3 days it does not feel any different.


I couldn't find any diff oil for the claimed lsd at the back, will try and do it next week.


I've also ordered:


new water temperature sender

new coolant sensor for the dme

pcv to inlet manifold seal

braided brake lines

new intake air temperature sensor

8 new bkr6ek ngks

tricky tool for the viscous fan


next week I'll try and do all this, including cam cover gaskets and brake/clutch fluid change.


I'll probably get some usedbutstillgood front tires and cross my fingers it doesn't let me down at brands hatch.

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these 6 speed boxes run ATF according to BMW, but fitting the oil you have is no problem and alot of people prefer the shift with proper 75-90 oil. They're all notchy the 6 speeds the 75-90 can help with changes from cold.


I run ATF in my 6 speed M5 same box different bellhousing but i expect it would be nicer for it with 75-90 but i didn't have any at the time before my planeed rings trip in may just gone. The braided hoses will be alot nicer than the 20 year old stock rubber hoses!


Normal LSD oil will do for the diff, 




like this or carlube do similar but its alot cheaper, it has to be something like SAE90 to be to BMW spec i think 

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Castrol Syntrax 75w/140 for limited slip diffs


You can click the 'other products' button the engine oil selector go get transmission / diff info

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Thanks for helping with the final drive fluid, I'll see what j can find.

The new inlet air temp sensor is in, Saturday is the turn of the two coolant temp sender units, then cam cover gaskets, spark plugs, seal on the intake manifold and steel brake lines.

Also the outside temperature sensor has been repaired, and it slowly, quite literally, came back to life, indicating the right temperature after about 3 hours from the repair.

So if yours doesn't play right away, give it some time, it's like a fuel level sensor.

Hopefully I'll get some fresher front tires but probably next week, the car will get loaned to my brother who's going to learn how to drive a rhd before going to a track day with it.

This is a stupid plan, hope the car stays with me !


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Not everything went as planned today.

I was hoping to do engine bay sensors, plugs and cam cover gaskets and then move to the brakes.

I underestimated the cam cover thing.

It all started with the radiator drain plug that decided to fail on me, breaking in 3 pieces, it leaks now. Ive ordered a new one.

First thing I did was throw in the coolant sensors, none of those seems to be broken but I thought it would help with the hot starting thing.

I then moved to the pcv valve again, and changed the seal. Much easier with normal bolts, 10 mins.

With that done it was time to tackle the can covers. They're not vital but I had a feeling one was leaking and they had been bodged in the past, hence massive amount of sealant on pass side bank.

Quite a challenge, not much space and quite a lot of stuff in the way.


The passenger side injectors had all the connectors broken, no retaining clips, nothing. It's actually quite easy to forget the clips and just pull, I did it on the driver side and got lucky, all connectors and clips are still there..

M60 can lobes look aggressive, I like it


Sure enough the gaskets were all brittle and useless, the outer driver side actually broken.


Glad I found that out, halfway through the process I thought I was doing all this for nothing.

Cleaned all up


Gaskets on


Threw some new plugs in it and rock and roll on the other bank.

All this took way too long, so long that i didn't had The chance to install braided brake lines and change the fluid.

I had to tear apart the handbrake mechanism on the rhr, the whole thing fell apart for unknown reasons. I had to take everything off to avoid unnecessary wheel lockup, I'll try and find springs and pins because mine are just turned to dust.

Thanks for watching ;)



Edited by Mazz

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Hey guys,

While doing cam cover gaskets I've noticed the camshaft chain on the driver side bank being loose.

I thought it was ment to be like that but when I shifted to the other bank I saw the tensioner that it's supposed to keep the chain in tension actually doing its job.

And so, 1 to 4 the chain looks loose, while 5 to 8 seems fine.

What to do? Has anybody ever changed those ? Does it get better once it gains oil pressure or is it just a springy thing like the main tensioner ??

Help !!


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Desperate attemp to fit SS brake lines.


Didn't go well.

The corrosion and moisture has seized the copper brake lines nuts so that they don't spin freely, they just twist the whole thing.

No biggie I can make brake lines. If only I started the job prepared..

The stuff is in the workshop I was working in the Wharehouse next to it, after hours, so no access.

I left the car there, it's got no rhr brake lines because I had to cut them to get them out.

Also the bleeding screws are completely rounded off, I should have looked for that before even starting.

If I can't make it for Sunday I'll have to go with my brothers car, and that would be a shame.




At least she's not staying out tonight



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Thats unlucky, fairplay for having a go though, I find brake lines are never an easy job even if you are well prepd, unless your lucky and everything frees off nice and easy(which it never does ha!). Im sure you'll sort it though and hopefully in time.

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