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E60 LCI aux port replacement

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Have a quick search for roskinc on you tube, he has a video [for all sorts of e60 audio stuff] but you will be mainly interested in the 'e60 5 series bmw aux wire routing and center console routing' one he has up, some handy tips for getting the job done. You can take a judgement call if you want to get involved after this, but looks fairly simple, I'd recommend a plastic pry tool as a must have purchase even if you decide not to do this yourself.


I found his stuff when I was learning how to do the Aux install from scratch on my mask unit...


I don't know the rules for links as I'm new here, so I've refrained as I don't want to pee anyone off before I've started.

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Relatively simple. 


I followed this guide - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/68605-removing-the-phone-cradle/


Then just remove, disconnect and re-connect the new aux-in .


I bought a blanking plate and put that in place instead, then I relocated the aux in to be hidden in the centre console with a jack to jack cable running to my phone holder. 

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