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Anyone have a fiscube tv tuner installed on there car?

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I just wanted to know anyone have a fiscube tv tuner installed to there car, i was interested in purchasing the tv tuner for my CCC idrive and wanted to know if anyone owned one and if i should know anything about it before i make the purchase.

Lastly installation...anyone with great knowledge of installing the fiscube? I would need someone to install it for me as im no good with all the background works involved.

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No but have you considered the mod to get an input from another device instead? I was thinking how cool my android home screen would look on the dash

There is other devices such as the dension which is expensive that can mirror your phone onto the idrives screen. Also check out xcarlink. Reason why i prefer fiscube is mainly down to how it works well with the idrive get to use the steering wheel controls, plus fiscube is lot more cheaper then dension which you pay additional amounts just for the tv tuner.

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