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FACT - Federation Against Copyright Theft

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As a responsible forum, we will not tolerate any posts relating copyright theft in the forms of buying/selling fake DVDs and CDs.


To ensure we are doing our bit as a team, we will remove all posts relating to activities as such, and do the necessary if the management team believe you are breaking the rules.


More information on this from FACT - http://www.fact-uk.org.uk/report-it/


About FACT

The Federation Against Copyright Theft is the UK’s leading trade organisation established to protect and represent the interests of its members’ Intellectual Property (IP).

Established in 1983, FACT works closely with statutory law enforcement agencies to combat all forms of piracy and members include global and UK film distributors, TV broadcasters and sport rights owners.

The creative industries support 1.68 million jobs in the UK and account for over 5% of the UK economy. FACT’s work is vital to ensuring that this important engine of the economy continues to flourish.

FACT’s role in successfully detecting and targeting those involved in crimes impacting on its members requires the ability to foresee and be aware of the technological changes that are constantly occurring. The criminals involved are often the pioneers of these developments. These individuals are adaptive and quick to take advantage of the ever changing landscape, and develop methods for stolen content to reach a wider, global audience.

In recent years, FACT has witnessed a significant shift away from the distribution and sale of infringing film content in DVD format. Illegally acquired content can now be accessed through websites which offer direct downloads, file-sharing or streaming.

FACT works in three key areas:

• Online piracy in all forms – with a focus on those distributing large volumes of illicit film, TV, sports and other media.

• Hard goods piracy – organised criminal networks operating in the UK (and worldwide) are still generating substantial illegal profits from the distribution and sale of pirate DVDs, decoder cards and devices

• Source piracy – Prevention and detection of illegal recording in cinemas (over 90% of the counterfeit versions of movies originate initially from a copy recorded in a cinema) and targeting of groups obtaining and distributing other IP online

FACT works closely with Police, Trading Standards, HM Revenue & Customs, UK Border Agency, National Crime Agency and other agencies in the UK and globally. FACT also has a close association with other industry enforcement bodies.

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