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Dear Forumites.


It has come to the attention of the moderators and admin that there has recently been a number of threads that have gone beyond light banter and this goes somewhat against the spirit of the forum.


We at BMW5 are by and large a happy go-lucky and helpful bunch, we are blessed with a (reasonably! ;) ) mature and sensible membership that encompassed a broad church of people, interests and opinions.

We are lucky that we do not suffer from infighting and factions that can split a forum or lead to its decline as it cease to be a place people want to be.

On the whole we are able to moderate with a light touch hopefully to the point you don’t know we are doing it, occasionally you may feel we get it wrong or have been over zealous but please be assured in these instances your comments are welcome and if there is a genuine issue we will do our best to resolve it.


We (the management) feel we need to make this post as, of late, have had to deal with a number of issues that detract from the pleasure we receive from being part of the best BMW forum on the web!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind people that you are all most welcome and your opinions and inputs are as valid as the next man or women, however we would also politely like to remind you that a forum is only as good as the members on it and so next time you see something to gripe about or consider making an unpleasant  posting please take a minute to think why we are all on BMW5 and that’s for our shared love of one of Munich’s finest!

Thank you!

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