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Contrast stitching- retrofit

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Hi ,

Ref the current model 6 series - some come with an option of contrast stitching - is it possible to 'retrofit' contrast stitching on a car that doesn't have it from factory. One colour ( white stitching in a black interior) . If so approx cost ?


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Top (decorative) stitching can be replaced but this is a painstaking, price and will easily cost over a £1000.

The thread has to be unpicked by hand which will leave original holes, every bit of thread has to be removed. Then each hole has to be lined up by eye and the sewing machine wound through by hand, this is for every single stitch.

On a set of front seats you can have as many as 2000 holes, you cannot turn on the machine and hope it picks up the original hole, each must lined up the wound through.

I have done this in the past and for the front seats cost the customer (from memory)in the region of £1200



Its doable but very time consuming...John

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