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E39 Touring boot power socket

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1 minute ago, AdamB said:

Just found the guide


Post the link please 

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If it helps. I'll dig out information maybe tomorrow if I can find it.  The instructions I used  had measurement an everything.  For an e39 touring they fit higher up in the boot and the housing is curved so position is important.  Some people have been fitting flat e60 sockets lower down on the flat section  of the side panel.  Not strictly original but functional.


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I think it still may be - from Latvia.  Though at  a price.  I bought mine for about £20 all in including the surround and the socket inside etc. - a long time ago when I bought the car.


Now the price has gone up due to scarcity:


Genuine BMW E39 Estate 96-03 12v Lighter Socket Mount Frame Curved 51477077851 for sale online | eBay


You will need a couple of other parts to make the complete socket that are cheaper I think and still available.  This can be done by checking realoem.


We covered this subject in detail in a thread not so long ago.  Others have fitted the later  flat version.  No reason why you can't but the location would be lower down the side panel where it becomes flat.


This sort of socket can be made to fit if you don't mind changing the location.


Genuine BMW 12V Charge Plug Socket Fits BMW 1 Series F20 F21 7143111 | eBay


That was the guide I used (for the OEM curved one):


12V socket.pdf





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19 hours ago, Clavurion said:

The original retrofit instructions can be digged up from EBA. The only problem is that E39 curved top housing is no longer available.

£20 from Cotswolds apparently?


although didn’t check price/stock of the other bits.


anyone got a part number for the flappy up bit that covers the socket?

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