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New owner 3.6 M5

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:) I'm curious now.... "1 of 209" ?

Being a 538i Touring, perhaps 1 of 891?


"As above, taken from bmwmregistry: HJ91 (ECE-spec 3.8-liter Touring, LHD): 891 produced from 03/1992 through 08/1995



Oh come guys, play along with my bit of fun :)  ( I'm glad I at least remembered the No. correctly !)

The final evolution of the E34 M5 entered production in May of 1994 and included the following upgrades:

-Getrag Type D six-speed manual gearbox

-Enlarged brake rotors with two-piece "floating" front calipers

-Thicker rear anti-roll bars (19mm on sedans, 20mm on Tourings) from the discontinued Nürburgring Package

-EDC mode switch from the discontinued Nürburgring Package

-Staggered 18-inch M Parallel Spoke wheels with 245/40ZR18 tires

-Widened front "kidney" grilles with revised hood to match

spacer.gifOf the 3,910 3.8-liter E34 M5s produced, how many were the later six-speed manual version?

BMW M GmbH produced 752 examples of the later E34 M5 3.8 six-speed, divided among the following configurations:

ECE 3.8 sedan six-speed (LHD): 404 produced

ECE 3.8 Touring six-speed (LHD): 209 produced

ECE 3.8 sedan six-speed (RHD): 139 produced

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:) I don't think many people differentiate it down that far; the next step for you is to figure out how many of your colour there were? Then match up the interior spec, etc, etc, etc until it becomes one of one ;)

:) 1 of 25 exterior colour, 1 of 17 interior , unknown exterior + interior :(

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Not much of an update the car remains at the body shop and remains a huge money pit.

I've been hoarding parts in anticipation of her return New tyres, new fuel tank, cleaned up good used exhaust refurbished turbine covers :D
I sent off a form to the DVLA (who took weeks to respond) requesting info on the previous keepers.   Eventually they did send me a list of all the previous keepers and details.
The original owner was indeed David Jon Gilmour i have copies of the original log book registered at both his home address (at the time i assume his moved since) and later it was registered at his music production company which is kind of cool.

Im hoping for a big update on the car from the body shop at the start of April so i will update then, fingers crossed she will see the road again this summer!

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Hi all,


Work & relentless spending continues on the car.... she is now stripped.  Ready for the metal work to begin on the bulkhead and sills.  The bulkhead rust was a result of a leaking heater matrix and i am informed the rust isn't as bad as had been expected,  though it looks pretty bad if you ask me <_<


The gearbox is now going to be rebuilt and the weeping diff seals being addressed,  the list continues to grow with the engine/box out they are replacing gaskets, water pump, belts, valve clearances and a general tidy up in the engine bay.   Lots of other bits being addressed like the central locking actuator, driver seat electric tilt motor, sagging headlining etc etc


A few pics...











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Hi All,

Just a quick update, fresh metal now going in :D. All the bulkhead repairs are complete, work now moves onto the replacement sills...

A few pics....















Meanwhile im still waiting on the gearbox rebuild and i contuine to hoard new parts :D



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Thanks Splondike, 


Its certainly a long and costly project but hopefully i will get there in the end.  The car should come back to me with a MOT having had all mechanical and rust issues resolved (that will be a great day so i can actually drive the thing!).  But even then ive still got to get the whole car repainted in future to make it perfect,  something cant afford at the moment.   :roll:


I'll update next week,  hopefully the sills will be going on.





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Lovely work, are those new sections which have been let in are they new panels from BMW? My M5 needed welding in the exact same area and my guy fabricated alot of it. Make sure you get lots of cavity type wax on the inside to protect it or it will need doing again in a few years 

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Hi mate, 
Yes they are genuine bmw panels,  which is part of the reason its taken so long,  they took ages to arrive at the workshop.




Im told the car will get the full wax oil treatment when all the welding is finished  :D





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Great project and definitely worth the investment - it must feel like your wallet is constantly open at the moment! 


There are a lot of cars in similar / worse state than this, which are already escalating in value so your timing is perfect!


I think your brilliant detective work has also paid off - in terms of clearing up the whole clocking thing -  its just no longer an issue.


Certainly one to watch and I'll freely admit I have E34 envy...

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Hi Mate,
Yes the project is by no means a cheap endeavour lol,   i heard all the horror stories about E34 M5's costing silly money to put right and i basically ignored them thinking all will be fine.   I think the restoration costs and all the bits ive been buying im going to end up around 8k,  that doesnt include the purchase price of the car or indeed the full respray i have planned in future.  Of course once i start putting some miles on the car it will no doubt throw some more bills my way.
But with that said, its not about the money its a hobby/labour of love and id do it again in a heart beat :D .  I guess at the end of the day its better the devil you know and i can take comfort in the fact that so many things have been put right.
A breakdown of the work done / being done that i can remember off the top of my head (sure im missing some bits),  im due to get the car back at the end of September:-
Replacement sills and welding repairs to bulk head + cavitiy wax treatment
Various welding repairs to underbody

Replacement all steel and rubber fuel pipes front to back 

Replacement all steel front to back brake pipes

Replacement Rear suspension steel pipes

Both oil filled engine mounts

Steering arm ball joint cover 

Turbine wheel covers

New door lock actuators 

Lower ball joint cover 

Rear anti roll bar links

Both rear pitman arms 

O/S inner main beam backing

Replacement exhaust system

Front windscreen 

Front screen rubber and trim 

Lower wing repairs 

Roof lining including 'C' pillar sun roof panel 

New Fuel tank  

New Heater matrix 

New Heater Blower


Air conditioning Overhall and all switches working

Oil + Oil filter 

Silcone vacum pipes

Silcone coolant hoses 

Replacement seat electric motor

Drive belts 

Fuel filter 

Rocker cover gasket

Sump gasket 
Gearbox rebuild
New Clutch Kit
Refaced Flywheel
New steering wheel
New Gear Knob
Leather interior recondition


Water pump

Engine & Engine Bay detail

Tappet's shimmed

 New Tyres all round

Need to move this to the projects section ideally, does anyone know how i do that?
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