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M5 Russ

The M5 Sailed through the MOT but time to address a couple of probs.

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So the M5 sailed through the MOT but its time to tackle a few jobs that I have been putting off. First up the diff has started leaking again so I am having that resealed and secondly the big one. One of the rocker covers has been leaking for a while so I am getting both replaced. I thought about doing this myself but ultimately have gave the job to my garage to do.


Its not a cheap job but coupled with the new alloys I have ordered, its one that had to be done. Then its a bit of paint work than Bobs your uncle :)


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Is it the filler side "leaking"?

If so you sure its not minor spills when topping up.

Ive noticed the slightest dribbles seem to spread.

I am going to be cleaning my bay and then making sure i top up with a funnel to see for sure on mine but all points toward spill?

Great news on mot but tbh why wouldnt they pass?

(Really hopes mine doesnt let me down lol)

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No its definitely the rocker cover leaking onto the exhaust manifolds when under load. Its pretty common on M5's and I have been putting it off for a few months. There is always something silly come MOT time but my garage is superb.

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