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Hey guys,


Are rear PDC  modules interchangeable?


I have a late 1999 E39 523i with rear PDC. I want to sort out my PDC system by replacing the module in the boot. The one that's in the car is black with two plugs (black, and white), and has a part number 66.216904023 with SW1.3 Code09 stamped below that. 


After typing my VIN and looking on realOEM, i found that the part number is different (66.209129815). When scrolling though eBay, i see a lot of PDC modules that look similar to the one i have (same plugs and colours), but have different part numbers, and stamped with SW1.1 or SW1.2, and code08. Can I use any of these?


NB: I checked INPA for any errors, and there was a voltage error which im guessing is the module...which also obviously threw up error codes for the 4 sensors. The PDC is silent most times when selecting R, other times it'll just have a continuous tone. Symptom of a faulty module?



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