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can anyone recommend where to get a manual conversion done on m535i?

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I acquired the bits needed to do this from Wattsmonkey last year and the time has come to finally convert the old girl over from auto. Question is ....

I live in Shropshire. Are there any BMW specialist in the Midlands who will do a good job for reasonable price?

Presumably it's sensible to get new clutch and cylinder fitted as well?

Which parts would we worth getting on to ebay? (car has only done 42k some auto box is in excellent condition and all works perfectly)?

thanks in advance


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I've done s few, last one was a 525e for Rob205 a couple of years ago. Not a massive task and the worst bit is the 15 gallons of ATF that inevitably escapes even after you've drained the box.

A new clutch is worth fitting. Depending on the year and the type of pedal box fitted, so is a new master cyl. The ones that bolt to the pedal box inside the car are cheap, the ones that bolt to the bulkhead in the engine bay are insane money.

Im in Mansfield, Notts but East Midlands. Send Rob a PM.

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I can absolutely recommend Sir Anthony's conversion. He did a fantastic job on my 525e, fixing other small stuff while he was there too - a real Gent.


I had it done just because I don't like autos - I've done at least several thousand miles plus now (lost count having to swap speedos for 6 months this year) with the conversion and had no problems at all. He'll also put you onto parts suppliers if you do need any other bits. My e28 is used as an every day car these days commuting 100 miles a day, only occasionally swapping to a 205 GTi to give that one at bit of exercise - the Bimmer's my main transport these days. 


Still feeling the e28 love...

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