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My E39 540i Touring - BX98177 - An ongoing project / build

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Well had a meet up with my mate today who's handy with a camera and done a mini photo shoot.Dead impressed with the outcome of pics.


Pics : 












Still some work & mods to do to it yet but its getting there.It started out as a stock SE spec 540i touring.


Exterior :


Carried out full sport conversion using genuine BMW parts.

Added the genuine BMW rear hatch spoiler

M5 door mirrors.

Full LED rear lights.

Front lower t-bar delete using genuine M5 lower mesh grill.

Smoked side repeaters & tinted windows.

New moldings around & rare BMW motorsport side badges

6k 35w hid kit.

Smoked front fog lights

Rear wheel arches professionally rolled by Archenemy.


Interior :


Fitted black E38 Contours which were cleaned up by John @ Bespoke.

Interior dash trim hydro dipped to carbon finish.

E39 M5 Leather center console.

Chrome dial rings added to instrument cluster.

Genuine BMW rubber floor matts.

Factory fitted rear blinds.

LED interior lighting.


Wheels & Suspension :


BBS CK Air 2s 19s

Front 8.5j x 19 et18 with 235/35/19

Rears 10j x 19 et20 with 285/35/19

Falken FK452 tyres.

Fitted H&R front springs and lowered the rear sls using autologic software.


Engine :


AFE Intake system and Custom exhaust by TorqueFlow Birmingham


Plans in the pipe line :


Facelift steering wheel & airbag - Done,

M5 rear view mirror,

Audio upgrade,

New rear diffuser with fins.

Retrofit LED Exterior Front lighting.

Fit E38 Interior illuminated door handles - Done,

Fit Leather M5 doorcards - Done,

Lower the rear more.

Fit 245/35/19 tyres and spacers on front wheels - Done,

Aero wipers - Done,




If anyone local to the Midlands Area wants any pictures taking of their Cars/Bikes/Etc - Let me know and i'll pass on your details to my photographer friend.

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Cool looking wagon and some very nice mods... Photo's are great too. ;)


What colour is the car, Sapphire Black?


Chris (Piper) is going to like this a lot...



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Paddy O'Furniture - In the right light the flakes in the paint really pop.Just a pain to keep looking clean being black.

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M535-Man - The Contours are one of the best mods I've done to my touring.Their so worth it especially as they bolt straight in to the E39.

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You'll love them mate.John does great work can't fault him one bit.I'm happy with my leather M5 armrest. thanks for the offer tho.

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Here are some new photo's taken last weekend (05/07/15) 









Parts i've added :


Replaced Tyres : Front  - 245/35/19 & Rear - 275/30/19 - Vredestein Ultrac Vorti,

Fitted BC Racing Coilovers To The Front,

Fitted 15mm Wheel Spacers & Extended Bolts To The Front

Re-adjusted The Self Leveling Height On The Back (Lowered It More Via AutoLogic Software) 

Fitted A Retrimmed Facelift Sport Steering Wheel (Retrim Done By Jack @ Royal Steering Wheels).

Fitted E38 Interior Illuminated Door Handles.


Mods Planned :


Audio Install,

Slimmbones Front Lip & Fog Covers - Done,

DTM FiberWerkz Rear Finned Diffuser,

Thayer Motorsports Adjustable Rear Arms - Decided to just replace the arms for new standard ones - Done,

Replace The Rear Dampers / Shockers For Uprated Ones (Bilstein B8's or Koni's) - Done,

Edited by Jay_w

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12 months on from my last post on your Touring Jay and I say again,that is a fine looking car.

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740Mick - I've only just realized because you said it , That its being 12months since i posted photo's.

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Nice to see a car 12mths on looking just as good if not better than original pics,nice work Jay.

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