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PDC parking sensor - discontinued part number?

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Hi everyone, I used to be on here with an E28, now got an E39.


I have the common problem of a faulty parking sensor.  I've done the clicky noise test and moved the sensor to another position - definitely the sensor that's gone, and it's having none of the WD40 treatment.


My part number appears to be different from the ones available online.  Mine says this:


602 414

6 911 838

AI 02







...And inside the connector the shape of the plastic moulding is different - there's an offset plastic tab instead of a symmetrical arrangement on the ones you can buy.


Anyone had the same issue?  Can I buy 66206989069 (the one that comes up online) and make it fit with careful use of a Stanley knife?


Many thanks...


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Hi 3drstretch


Mine is the straight one.


Really bad photo of my part on the right compared to the one you can buy on the left.  Both are the straight version but with a different shape inside the connector.


Will it fit?


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