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Help finding Diff screw not listed on real oem...

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Currently refreshing the rear of the daily 525iX saloon (GD72091) - new wheel bearings, new dust covers, new diff seals, re sealing diff side covers etc 


On the drivers / off side of the diff there is a screw I used a 13mm socket (iirc) to remove with v little effort. It holds the drive flange in


For diffs I believe its good practice to replace the bolts so I have a large screw to go in from the passenger / near side which ties up with bmw fans but i can't seem to find the drivers side smaller one ??? I have the same issue when I went on the BMW Classic parts website


Here is  a pic from BMW fans ( i have number 6 but I can't find a screw that would go through 3 & 4):




IIRC I had the same problem with my 525iX touring and I think I just re used the old screw with threadlock, torqued up to what a similar component was torqued too.


I have had a look using a regular e34 525i M50 engine but I see you guys have a nut and bolt arrangement. I have even looked in the 525iX EH tubing section


Help... link to bmw fans for my car http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E34-Sedan/Europe/525ix-M50/R-M/may1993/browse/rear_axle 


Just checked on the repair manual and there is a procedure for replacing the seal involving removing the screw in question:



and tighten torque manual says its an M10 that needs 59Nm



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Repair manual includes the screw in question:




The tightening & torques manuals says it is an M10 and needs 59Nm (may be a good job it says this one may not need replacing)



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