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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, now my E34 has been pressed into daily driver service I am thinking about upgrading the dipped beam headlights somehow. I've been doing some reading into the LED replacement H1 bulbs but it does seem to be a mixed bag of results with regard to brightness and beam pattern, especially as last year or so I replaced the Halfords +whatever % bulbs I fitted years ago with a pair of Osram Night Breaker Laser bulbs, which coming straight from my xenon equipped E39, don't seem that bad. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/product-group-tests/76760/best-car-headlight-bulbs-2021 Philips now do a range of LED bulbs, the best of which is the Ultinon Pro9000 mentioned in the above link but at c£120 they are bloody expensive for what they are... https://www.philips.co.uk/c-m-au/car-lights/headlight-bulbs/led-headlight-bulb A lot of current reviews still mention how good, and sometimes how much better HIDs are, so I started looking into them. I've read the older threads on here back to around 2004 and been astonished at the prices people were paying back then (c£150-c£250) and after a little research I found these sets by Stealth pretty reasonable compared to the LED prices... https://www.hids4u.co.uk/h1-xenon-hid-conversion-kits/ I don't want get into a discussion about the legalities or otherwise of the fitting the LED or HID kits for as a driver of an older BMW I have got used to the glare of modern LED and laser headlights compared to the candles that the 1980's and '90's cars started with. Suffice to say I won't fit anything without the correct beam pattern, a clean cut-off and a decent hot spot; I am just after any recent experiences of fitting HID's or LED bulbs and any thoughts of those that have had HID's (or LEDs) fitted for a while. For my own part I am now thinking of trying the 35w Stealth HID kit at £49.95 while also making the conversion reversible should a keen MoT tester deem it necessary. The reason for choosing the 35w over the 55w HID is the reduced starting current load on the existing wiring whilst still maintaining the obvious increase in light output, and bulb and ballast longevity. So, any thoughts anyone?
  2. £6750 ono This is not your usual poverty spec BMW 520d Touring (F11), this car comes with some pretty rare and very useful options. I looked around for ages before buying this car a year ago for a new job (that was going to involve a lot of miles on the road). I am only selling this now as I am changing jobs and my commute has reduced massively. The car has only covered about 6000 miles since it was last serviced a year ago thanks to the lockdowns, and it comes with a fresh 12-month MOT with no advisories. The car can be viewed in North Devon, but I would be more than happy to meet somewhere reasonable for my travel costs to deliver. I could meet to view in the West London area over the next few days. There have only been two previous owners, and up until the last service (which was carried out by the garage I bought it off) the car has a full BMW service history with some big jobs carried out in the recent past. The most important one for the N47 engine is that the timing chain was replaced by BMW in January 2020. It would have (obviously) had an oil change at that point, then again in July 2020, and I have only done 6000 miles since. The new owner can keep up more frequent oil changes to stave off any future issues with the new timing chain. A lot of other BMW invoices come with the car for various jobs (as you can see in the photos). The original owners pack, and the approved used owners pack come with the car. It has a complete history with it. The car has a few small stone chips on the front, and there is a small amount of corrosion on the alloys, but overall, the paintwork is in really good condition. The paint has clearly been well looked after (no swirl marks or major blemishes), and the alloys have no heavy curbing. Given the mileage it is in great condition. Inside it is very good too, with minimal wear throughout. The tyres all have at least 4mm tread, the fronts are Goodyears, the rears Pirelli. It is in mechanically excellent condition. I fitted and coded a new rear shock (the shocks on this car have Electronically Controlled Dampers – EDC fitted) to replace one that was leaking badly, plus two new lower wishbone arms as the ball joints had gone. These were the only issues on the latest MOT. The Dynamic Damper Control (or EDC) system is amazing, you get the best of all worlds, the comfort and ride of an SE, plus when you want to far firmer suspension put it in Sport and off you go (body control in all modes is exceptional). It is amazing how capable the car can be given it is a big 5 series. It is a great option to have on the car, and really a very rare option on a 520d. The 8-speed auto gearbox has had a recent oil change and shifting is smooth. A genuine ZF sump pan was fitted with genuine ZF Lifeline 8 oil. So you have peace of mind knowing this has been carried out. It has the optional paddle shifters fitted, so when the mood takes you, you can have full manual control over the gearbox from the paddles. The car ride is tight and no knocks or creaks, mechanically it is spot on and drives like new. The car is fitted with the surround view camera system (another pretty rare option on a 520d), with reversing camera, park assist (using the Top View cameras) and front corner mounted Side View cameras (ideal for pulling out of tight junctions as the nose is pretty long on this car). There is a common failure of the nearside front Side View camera cable which gets water ingress, and the camera fails. My car had this fault when I bought it, but I got a new genuine replacement cable from BMW and repaired this (which was a pain of a job) but the system now fully works (see photos). Another excellent and really rare option on the car is the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go. This is a radar cruise system which will brake the car to a standstill (great for slow moving traffic) and maintain a distance to the car in front. If you plan to commute any distance this makes driving effortless. Finally, there is the visibility pack, with adaptive xenon headlights (that “steer” round corners) and main beam assist (which is awesome). I will miss the headlights on this car, they are really very good. Other than these the car comes with some other options and all the usual refinements: powered tailgate, ambient interior lighting, auto wipers, front heated seats (black leather seats), dipping nearside wing mirror to help reversing (not that you need it with all the cameras!), auto dimming rear view mirror and wing mirrors, auto wipers, electric adjustable seats with memory function, power folding wing mirrors (will fold in with a long press of the lock button), climate control (blows nice and cold). The car is not fitted with the professional navigation system (in fact it does not have navigation at all), but it does have Bluetooth enabled and USB/line in connection. I fitted a Brodit mount for my phone to the dashboard (which I will leave attached to the car – you just need to buy the cradle specific to your phone). Fitting the cradle did not require any drilling/cutting to fit so it can be removed without leaving a mark. I then retrofitted the OEM 12V socket hidden under the glovebox which made it a pretty neat install (see photos). I then just used my mobile for navigation and for streaming music over Bluetooth (a phone is way better than the pretty rubbish pro nav system). The car can be paired to two mobile phones. I’m sure I have missed some stuff, but as I mentioned this is not your usual run-of-the-mill 520d, and I hope it goes to a good home! Any questions get in touch.
  3. What is your preferred method of replacing broken headlight adjusters? I came across this video on youtube for replacing all 4 of them on Xenon headlights without opening up the headlights but doing it all from the outside. On my car, my old headlights only have the Xenon adjusters broken, the full beam adjusters are fine. Removing the broken Xenon adjuster and the white base it plugs into was not that hard, but trying to get the new long adjuster in place between the two tabs and into the adjustment screw was proving to be very difficult. And apparently this is supposed to be the easy one to install. I had the adjuster in place on the bottom of the adjustment screw without any tape to pull it up, and tried to simple turn the hex/philips adjuster at the top of the headlight and the screw went in a few mm but it just didn't budge any further and got really tight, so much so that the cogs on the adjuster at the top slipped as they are just plastic, and I can't imagine pulling on it will help that much. I guess this will be an issue whether I open the headlights up or not but it likely to be fractionally easy to do it with the headlights opened up. I looked at the broken and new adjuster and they were almost identical. I saw one youtuber in the comments said it took him 4 hours to replace all of the adjusters using this outside method, which seems ridiculous as it would surely be much quicker to simply take the headlights apart.
  4. nhasan

    Xenon Headlights

    Hello All, I am thinking about upgrading the headlights on my 5 series to xenon. I find it difficult driving at night, especially when the road markings are not very clear and the road lighting is poor. I have found some xenon headlights on the eurocarparts website (links given below) and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in upgrading to xenon headlights and what to look out for. Any advice would be greatful. Left Xenon Headlight Right Xenon Headlight Thanks Naz
  5. Bonjour folks First of all thank you all for your knowledge, I have been browsing various topics reading up on things and have already discovered lots. My question, the car I bought is an E61 530i m sport. Originally it will have had halogen headlights but one of the previous owners paid to have xenons and dab radio (I also have a question about this, but that can wait...) retro fitted. With that in mind, what do I need to do to be able to make my DRLs the sidelights rather than either the indicators or my dipped beam. I have carly already hence I know I can change to indicators or dipped beam. I have attached a pic to show my lights. Apologies if this has been covered lots, I couldn't find a definitive answer for my weird combo of pre-lci and xenons. Many thanks Sam
  6. NuckingFuts


    Morning all, so while at work, I'm poking around looking for parts, as you do. The factory Xenons on my car are poor. i'm not sure whether i just need new bulbs, or by design they're just a little naff. The build list (from bmwdecoder) lists: Has anyone gone ahead and retrofitted the Bi-Xenon headlamps at all? I've seen a video on the bimmerfest forum where someone has fitted the H7 LED bulbs to their M5, but i thought why not go the whole hog and do the retrofit and get a better light in a newer unit. I'd also like to go round and replace all the rest of the exterior bulbs for LED versions, so does anyone have somewhere they've bought LEDs from for their car, and can recommend? Cheers! Deepan
  7. Romes

    HID Upgrade

    Maybe you kind peeps can shed some light on this (sorry had to do it - couldn't help myself). After driving the E34 back and forth yesterday including in the dark, I have come to the conclusion that the uprated head light bulbs are just not really up to the job. My E38 has HID and they are so much better than the standard Charles Dickens candle like bulbs. So anyway onto the question, if i were to retrofit / upgrade to HID lights would I need to install the headlight washer system for MOT time?
  8. Hi everyone, There is not many accurately detailed posts on this, I've had a look & I'm a bit unsure on what to do so any advice will help. I've been keeping up on this forum for years however this is my first topic so excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong.. I have a 535d M Sport Pre LCI with the ugly hazey Halogen headlights. I've managed to pickup a pair of BMW Pre LCI Dynamic Xenon headlights with the ballast (and I think headlight module) without the bulbs or bulb holder for £50! Which I think is bargain of the century. I wanted to know what my options were. The route I was thinking of going as a last resort was, HID with bulb holder, and some E53 X5 SMD LED Angel Rings which I bought as I know these are the same measurements for the angels on E60's. Is there any other way to do it so I can get the Dynamic Xenon also working with the whole steering wheel etc.. Will there be any coding required? Do I need any additional parts etc. Thanks, Nahid
  9. DerekJr.

    Best HID Bulb? (not kit)

    Hey guys, I would just like to know which is the best HID D2s bulb (4300k - 5000k) that I can use. At the moment I using a genuine BMW/Hella ballast which some cheap bulbs. I initially bought cheap ones to use with the ballast (2nd hand) as I didn't want to spend +£40 on bulb to only find out that the ballast are faulty. The set up (OEM ballast + cheap bulbs) that I currently have is okay. Certainly brighter than my halogens before, but I also see some newer cars with even brighter HIDs...so it's kind of making my envious, and I know that cheaper bulbs can have quality issues like reliabilty, colour, colour fade etc I've done a little research and it is essentially a two horse race between Osram and Philips; Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Xenarc Philips Extreme Vision Philips Vision (apparently not as bright as Extreme one) RealOEM mentions 63217160806 which is an Osram bulb (not sure which model) but its £182!! For 1 bulb from BMW! Anyone tried any of these? Any one jumped from cheap bulbs to a branded one? Anyone recommend others to look at? Thanks
  10. I'm hoping some of you experienced e39 owners can shine a definitive light on this subject. I've read a few posts on retrofitting Xenon headlights but none seem to be complete. They usually invlove 3rd party products, a complete retro fitting kit, updating pre-facelift to facelift models or just end up being far too ambiguous to risk spending money on. I have a facelift 2002 model. It's got BMW/Hella head lamps, angel eyes with projector dipped lenses (see pics). It also has the intensive wash option. It DOESN'T have auto headlight leveling. What I'm wanting to know is, what will I need to install the Xenon light system on my car. Am I right in thinking all I'll need is the ballast packs, brackets and bulbs so it will be plug and play, or am I missing something. I'm aware that UK MOT law dictates that auto leveling and lamp wash systems do NOT have to be fitted but if they are, they MUST be working. I'm wanting to use genuine BMW prodcuts. I've heard of an ebay user selling the genuine BMW ballasts, brackets and bulbs for about £90. Here are some pics of the headlights on my car. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all Does anyone know where I can get a replacement Xenon ballast in west London area. Had a look on eBay and Amazon and nothing coming up. My offside failed tonight and I'm driving to Germany on Monday morning I've got the OEM 35W 4300K D2S HIDS Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  12. Has anybody here tried these units in their xenon headlights? Read some positive comments on LR Discovery forums. Pretty pricey, the cheapest I've found is £96 for a pair shipped in from Germany. Website here: http://www.osram.com/osram_com/news-and-knowledge/automotive-special/automotive-performance-lamps-full-power-of-light-for-your-vehicle/xenarc-night-breaker-unlimited-product-details/index.jsp I used the Osram Night Breaker H7 bulbs as my main beam, and they are very bright compared with standard bulbs, and am thinking I'll upgrade these to the newer Unlimited version as well.
  13. Morning chaps. I can't be the first person to have this query, so I'm hoping one of you guys will be able to assist. Basically, I recently fitted a set of pre-facelift clear corner xenons to my E39 Touring, which I am very happy with. My only issue is that the sidelights now look a bit yellow compared to the super-white light of the xenons (see picture below). Can anyone recommend any straight fit-and-replace sidelight bulbs that give a more "white" light - as close to the OEM BMW xenons as possible would be favourite. Any help/suggestions gratefully received. EDIT: All sorted - full summary post on page 2 (http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/85495-sidelight-bulbs-to-match-my-xenons/?p=897420). With thanks to all those who assisted on this thread.
  14. Hi guys i am new on here and not very technical when it comes to things like this so was hoping you guys maybe able to help me. I have tried to have a look on the forums but cant seem to find an answer to my questions. I have 2007 (56 plate) 520d M Sport with non projector headlights and wanted to upgrade them to the Projector headlights from the facelift models. I have two seperate people offering me two seperate headlights (o/s and /ns) but one is from a 2007 model and one from a 2009 model, is there any difference between these two headlights? Also neither headlight has the xenon machinery or kit with them (just the headlight, and nothing else), can i purchase the xenon kit as a aftermarket kit with the bulbs and just install into these headlights? Finally how much are the headlights worth, what should i be paying for them? I really appriciate any information you guys can provide as i am looking to pick these up tomorrow. Thanks in advance...