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Found 5 results

  1. I've got a set of winter wheels and tyres from my previous 5 series (F10) which I'm looking to sell. They are currently in BMW storage as I bought a G30 2 years ago and of course they don't fit! They are 4 X 18" V-Spoke 281 style fitted with Dunlop SP WINTER SPORT tyres size 245/45/18 RFT. Tyres are about 4/5mm tread from what I can recall but will verify this when I collect them from BMW. I'm looking for £700, collection from Glasgow preferred but could arrange delivery to the UK if needed. I plan to leave them with BMW until I have a confirmed sale as I don't have anywhere to store them. Cheers Joe
  2. 1320Arbroath

    Advice on winter wheels

    Hi, new to the forum and looking for advice. Just purchased 2012 550i Msport f10 and it has 19” M sport alloys(see pic). What size of winter wheels and tyres should I be looking for. Can’t even check the size of my own wheels as I had to come away to work for a couple of weeks but looking online for a second hand set - 17 or 18” thanks
  3. L1011

    Wheel and tyre help

    Hi I picked up my E60 535d MS on Saturday via the forum classifieds. Very very happy with it!! The car is running 172 style alloys from the factory with Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Rears are fine, fronts are due a change now though. I live in Scotland and the weather here is mostly wet and cold with the snow filled months potentially rolling in soon. I have considered taking the 172s off for winter and replacing with style 135s and fitting them with either good all season or winter tyres. My question is were the OE 135s staggered? If not/so what are the sizes? Width/ET?? Also I think the 135 should be fitted with a 245 40 18? Although the Michelin website suggest a 275 section tyre is also available for the 18" wheel. If I stick with the 172s will the Super Sports be any good over winter? I'm thinking not. If I stick with the 172s and stick with the rear Super Sports what should I put up front? Will the staggered wheels require matched tyres? Thanks
  4. I used this car as a stopgap runaround, and I'm going to be completely honest in that I think it's too far gone to realistically bring back to a sensible standard but it's still too good to scrap and could make a decent winter snotter. It does have a fault, the engine will cut out after it's been running for a while and will then refuse to restart until it's been sat for half an hour or so at which point it restarts easily on the first turn of the key. When actually driving it seems to be fine, but when the revs drop off it's more likely to do it. This can take anywhere between an hour and a half to twenty minutes to show up. I thought it was probably the usual E39 fuel pump or fuel pump relay, so they've both been swapped out but the problem is still there. We're now down to sensors. I've not got easy access to a code reader but a mate cleared the codes off for me a week or so back and the only one that persisted was the inlet cam sensor. While I think that could cause the stalling issue I don't think it would cause the no-restart problem. I have a new replacement for it but it's not fitted yet. Could be one of the other cam sensors, could be the fuel filter needs replacing, could be........ ? Basically it's beaten me, I can change easy parts but I'm no mechanic and I just don't have the time, space or facilities to fix the old girl up. We have three other cars in the family so we're out of space and she really needs to go. Other than the usual dings and scrapes the bodywork is basically sound. It's taken a scrape to the front of one of the wings which is down to the metal but not rusting yet, there's a ding in the top of the boot lid. The paintwork is pretty tired, It's swirled and there is a dinner plate sized scab of lacquer peel on the bonnet. At one point this was clearly a cherished car, the service book is stamped on the dot up to 150k miles and there are tons of supporting invoices. MoT history shows that it's failed on various wear and tear items over the years since which is an odd thing to point out perhaps, but the thing is that they've all been fixed so you can track what's been done to it. Current MoT until August with no advisories. 215k on the clock, no service history since 150k miles but the MoT history backs up the mileage. Gearbox shifts smoothly and goes through all the gears as it should, tiptronic works. Decent set of Style 50 wheels, tyres are el-cheapo budgets but have decent tread left, the tyres are out of shape however so at 70 they put a vibration through the car. I was in the process of sorting out a set of winters for it but not being able to correct the fault put a stop to that. M steering wheel with working cruise. There is evidence of recent maintenance, air filter looks new, radiator looks recent, brakes look recent. No warning lights on the dash. Brakes in a straight line with no juddering. Steering is a bit vague so I suspect some bushes or arms would be needed when the MoT next rolls around but it's in no way dangerous or wondering around the road, it's just not as sharp as an E39 can be. Comfort seats in brown leather, obviously well used but not ripped or torn. Exhaust is noisy but sound, it's got a cheap system on it. LPG system works perfectly, however there is a whiff of gas when the car comes to a halt so I suspect either a joint needs tightening or there is a perished/damaged rubber pipe. I drove it for 200 miles on gas before noticing the smell, but obviously I'd recommend getting it sorted! In case you don't know how these things work, when the LPG system is not active the pipework is isolated by a soleniod in the tank so there is no risk of a gas leak when the system isn't in use. There is a large (70l I think) cylinder tank in the boot so still room under the floor for a spare wheel. Personally I think towing would be advisable. I took it out for a test drive yesterday after replacing the fuel pump and it ran for about half an hour before eventually cutting out while idling on my drive but I just can't say when it's going to do it again. If you're local you might get away with it, or you might not. It also has the torch in the glovebox and the boot tool kit is present and correct - that's got to be worth the asking price on it's own Given the LPG system, the decent alloys and the steering wheel someone could easily make the asking price back by breaking the car or if you can correct the fault you could probably turn a profit on it. Has 1/4 of a tank of petrol and 3/4 of a tank of LPG so there's over £50 of fuel to use up too! I also have a set of Style 48 wheels in decent nick with a mix of tyres but they're all legal, one is down to 1.6mm on one half of the tyre with 2-3mm on the rest of the width but the others are all 3mm+. It is what it is, £350 takes it or £450 with the Style 48's. I'm based in Thatcham, Berkshire which is just outside Newbury and close to Reading.
  5. Just thought will let people know that at least my BMW main dealer in SE London While at BMW SJ in Sidcup, I looked through a winter prep brochure to see 30% off on stuff like batteries and others (tyres, etc). I also needed a new battery and asked and also got a 90 AMP one with £77 instead of £110 and they also gave me trader discount on everything so I ended up saving about £50 Thought it would be useful to share maybe for some.