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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, may be someone can answer my question below. I recently bought a BMW (2 series Gran Tourer) which has 18 inch wheels with decent tyres, the thing is, I usually put on winter wheels set and I am not sure how it will work with the car Tyre Pressure Monitoring system as winter wheels do not have PTMS. I think all modern BMW are the same so it shouldn't be specific to a 2 series. Once I put my winter wheels on will I have an error or any other message popping up on a dashboard? Did anyone came across this problem before? Thanks in advance everyone.
  2. I have here 4 x BMW Style 328 wheels for sale. I used these as my winter set on my 5 series which I no longer have. The wheels have Nokian W3s on them: 245/45 R18 100V XL. They have about 6-7mm tread left on them all round. They are non-run flats and really made the car drive smoothly and quietly. I would like to point out that one of the alloys has a small crack in it. This developed in the 1st year I had them and resulted in some air loss at the time. I had it welded (see photo) and there have been no further issues subsequently eg air leaking. I am aware that some people prefer not to run a welded alloy, but I just want to be as open about this as possible. There are also some minimal scuffs on one of the wheels and the BMW hub caps have some signs of weathering. I actually didn't use those ones, opting to use the ones that were on my lease car instead as they were brand new. I am based near Uxbridge, London. I don't really want to get involved with getting such large items couriered so these are for collection only please I am looking for £750.00 £700.00 £575.00 ono NOW £500.00 Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks, Kamal
  3. I have a set of wheels with winter tyres that I have used for two winters for a couple of months each time. They have a set of 245/45 R18 Pirreli Sottozero. They have depths of around 2* 5mm and 2 * 4mm approximately. There are no scuff marks on the wheels. There are however slight signs of wear that can be seen in the pictures. I have had a repair done to 2 wheels that were on the near side, this was due to pot hole damage, this work was completed by Prestine wheels, Woburn Sands, these are the authorised BMW wheel repair centre. I have the invoice available. This did not involve any welding. I do not want to get involved in posting such a large item so ideally collection only, I am based near Milton Keynes. Any questions please ask. £600.00 the set.
  4. 4x Winter Tyres and Genuine OEM BMW Alloy wheels. Price: £750 Genuine OEM BMW 17" Alloy wheels, Style 236, for 5 Series (F10 and F11), with Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D tyres. Tyre Size: 225/55 R17 101 V XL Tyres used for 1 season on my F11 535d. Over 6mm tread depth remaining on 'rears' (x2) and over 7mm remaining on 'fronts' (x2). Tyres/wheels are a 'square' set-up, so fronts and rears can be swapped over to prolong tyre life. Alloys unmarked and in great condition. Fits BMW 5 Series (F10 and F11) and some 6 Series (F12), but please check and confirm fitment of your own car. Prefer collection only, but may consider shipping at buyers own cost and risk. I'm based in Colchester, Essex. Please feel free to ask any questions before buying. Viewing welcome. Thanks for looking. David
  5. Genuine BMW 408M F10 M5 Winter Wheels with Pirelli SottoZero 255 40 R19 100V M&S tyres, includes TPMS. Sold Were used on my F10 M5 but I believe these will fit any F10 5 seriesFront wheels 9x19 ET32 (BMW part number 36112284252) Rear Wheels 9x19 ET25 (BMW part number 36112284253) In great condition with no scuffs or marks. Tread: just over 7mm on two tyres and about 5.5mm on other twoPurchased from BMW dealership for £2900. Used only for a few months over 2 winters Priced to sell! £950Local collection preferred – Aberdeen Will courier to other locations at buyers cost and risk
  6. I've inadvertently bought the wrong size winter tyres for my '39. I should have ordered 17" but have ended up with 18" tyres to fit 17" rims, and I've had them over the period I could send them back, because I forgot to check when they arrived. I'm offering them here before fleabaying them. All are 6mm+ in tread depth and matching brand & style. You're welcome to organise a courier, or I may be able to deliver around the Midlands or South Coast as I travel around fairly regularly. The image is the one in the advert I purchased from. £200 OVNO.
  7. swanston102

    bmw e60 winter wheels

    old alloys now up for sale on ebay 225 50 17 2 winter tyres 6m 2 summer tyres 6m -2m
  8. Hi folks, Due to a change in circumstances I'm now living in a rented farmhouse that is accesed via a very bumpy mile long single track road comprising gravel, dirt, manure, stones etc. I only bought my approved used 5 series several weeks beforehand otherwise I may have went for an X3 or equivalent, as road surface aside, I'm concerned about the suspension despite planning on driving slowly up the track (I don't have the VDC) and also I am concerned about the ground clearance. (thankfully it's an SE model but clearance is still a concern) I would loathe to trade in my new bimmer at this stage as I'm loving it and have committed to pro sat nav and folding mirror retrofits in the coming weeks. I'd also rather avoid investing in a second "run around" car. So, I've been researching options for winter wheels and tyres in the hope this may help alleviate the above concerns. I'm currently on 225/55R17 run flats. My research to date has suggested investing in a new set of wheels & tyres for the winter (especially due to the single track farm road I now need to use on a daily basis), but that I may want to consider keeping these year round until I move house again. Specifially, 'Continental Winter Contact TS830P' tyres and accompanied by 17" X10 wheels by Uniwheel. I've also read about low profile tyres versus high profile tyres, and higher sidewalls to help prevent the alloys being scraped by the larger stones on the track. I'm out of my depth with this though I'd be grateful for your informed views and own experience of the above scenario and any recommendations, not just on the winter wheel/tyre swap, but whether or not an executive saloon can really be used on such roads at all? Best, Ben
  9. Hi, Looking to fit E46 replica 18" MV2 alloys onto my E61 (535dMSport) for a Winter tyre switch: My understanding is as follows: Centre bores are the same... 72.5mm PCD's are the same...5 x 120 Bolt threads are the same...M12 x 15mm Both wheels are same diameter (18") and width (8") I think: Valid offset/ET range for standard E61 wheels / tyres = ET 15 to ET 32 (My current setup is 245/40/18 on original MV2's with ET20 offset) I am aware the wheel offsets are different: The proposed MV2 replicas offset = ET37 The question is: Will the E46 wheels with 225/45/18 winter tyres fit Ok without any spacers or risk of contact?? My current logic says yes because: while the offset will move the inner edge of the tyre 5mm further in than the allowable range (ET 37 c/f ET32), the narrower tyres (225 c/f 245) will mean the inner edge is 10mm further out than my current tyres would be if fitted to wheels with a ET32 offset which is supposed to be within range. Has anyone out there fitted this combination? Any advice / feedback welcome including on the range of tyres sizes that will fit.
  10. MikeTheSmith

    Winter tyres and size variations

    Hi, I'm in the process of getting hold of a set of 15" bbs to replace my metrics and the tyres will most likely need replacing, given the time of year I'm thinking off getting some winter tyres- but I'm a little confused with the sizes. It looks like the stock size would be 225/55/r15 but for winter tyres it may be better to go for 205/65/r15. Has anyone hot any experience of tyres in this size? I would have thought the increase in sidewall would affect speedo so I can't see how it is a recommended size? It looks like there are several choices for winter tyres sizes but the ones listed above are the ones I can actually find tyres in. I'm guessing that any modern tyre will improve the handling compared to the old metrics. Thanks for any help again
  11. stophe

    Winter wheels/tyres

    I decided that this year I would make the effort to swap to a set of winter tyres and in my bid to remain on the right side of my insurance company I thought I'd give them a call to see what the score is. They don't care if I change or not on my standard 18"s, however if I swap wheels to a set of 17"s they want some extra money on the grounds it is a 'modification'. I think this seems a bit stupid on the grounds I would be fitting smaller wheels, that were available on the car from the manufacturer. I know they are out to make money but I can't see how it can cost me more if it is free to change the tyres on the standard wheel. It's all fairly irrelevant anyway, since the cost of notifying them is about an order of magnitude less than the price difference between 17" winters and 18" winters. Anyone else going through this?
  12. Hello all! Just searching for Winter Alloys and came across a set of 17x 7.5J alloys that came from an E60 (supposedly) Would these fit on a 525D? Just asking as I am not sure if the more powerful models had bigger brakes or not (come from a VAG background where VAG would fit bigger brakes on the more powerful models) Alex