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Found 5 results

  1. I've had a rear shock failure but (*altogether now*) global supply chain issues (*hooray*) indicate decent quality replacements are 6-8 weeks away. Let me know what you have, new or used, BMW, Bilstein, whatever. You might really help out! Ideally you have a pair of Bilstein B6 (24-021388). Maybe you just have one sitting around, not a pair. Try me. That might help me make a set with a supplier that also only has one. I dont have EDC so if there are electronics in your shock absorber(s) I'm not interested! Thank you for reading and thanks in advance if you can help out
  2. So I'm in New Zealand but Im converting a UK import 1983 525i from a (very slow) M30B25 to a (very smooth) M54B30. All the hard bits like engine mounts and electrics and remapping has all gone to my carefully laid plans. What I didn't expect was the fiasco that is the manual version pedals. I initially bought a complete setup but then I realised (thanks to my mechanic) that LHD and RHD are different pedal setups. Ok that was my bad. Then we found that there are two versions (early and later) of the E28 pedal setups, so I had to buy the hyper-expensive chassis mounted master cylinder. Ok.. so now just get the pedals right? Checked everywhere in NZ, rang BMW who told me half the stuff is NLA and I was SOL.. Found places on online to order who then contacted me to say they also cannot source the one fairly major part I'm missing: the brake pedal. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E28/Europe/525i-M30/R-M/browse/pedals/pedals_stop_light_switch_2/ Part #7 35211152013 Im basically going down the list of anyone selling or breaking RHD E28's, anywhere in the world to find... whats essentially a metal stick. Its just a pedal, of all things to be held up on, this wasnt one I thought of! Anyone got any ideas or one to sell me? TL'DR: I need an e28 early model manual brake pedal. A complete manual pedal setup would also be an option.
  3. Hello, I wanted to post this on MINI2 but for some reason the sign-up process wasn't working. So I thought that this community might be able to help me? Basically I'm looking for a first generation MINI Cooper with a low mileage (under 65K) that's preferably British racing green with a white roof & wing-mirrors. From looking on eBay and Autotrader examples are rare to non-existent. These cars are seem to either be £2000 for an INSANELY HIGH MILEAGE! And dirty and very aged interiors. Although for some reason the exterior condition of Coopers seem to generally look good - not sure why - do BMW have some clever technique to prolong these cars body work? I found this BRG first generation 2006 MINI for £5790, but it's not a Cooper and I don't like the roof colour: https://www.approvedusedminis.co.uk/car-details?ch=WMWRA32030TM08782.15110&dl=false&mstk=32959707325!34 So does anyone have any suggestions or cars for sale? I love the look of the first Generation Cooper and it drives so nicely. Before anyone asks, I don't want an S model - I prefer to feel of the Cooper. Thanks in advance,
  4. as title please posted to Ip2 0LH please cruise control stalk for a 525 TDs se m reg with air bag steering wheel
  5. Hi guys, I am new to the forum and have read a few forums on behalf of this topic, I then decided to contact my local dealer to get some parts but were unable to help so I was wondering if anyone else knows of somewhere I can get new trims/moulding for my E34 Sport? HELP!!