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Found 9 results

  1. UltimateWarrior

    530d E61 Constant Engine Vibration

    Hi all, My car has recently developed a vibration that is detectable at all speeds, including idle. Most noticeable as a vibration through the steering wheel, but also through the bum. It seems to get worse after a run on the motorway. At motorway speed it gives very high frequency vibration through the wheel - almost enough to bring on a sense of numbness! It’s probably coincidence, but it became noticeable shortly after replacing the six glow plugs (manifold out job), due to having errors on 5 of them. The errors are now clear, and I even took it all apart a second time to confirm that everything was back together, and the plugs were in one piece! On desperation I have added a bottle of injector cleaner to the fuel, but no discernible difference after 60 miles. The crankshaft damper pulley was replaced a year ago. No no error messages present, apart from DPF message 452, which has been there for 15k miles, and doesn’t affect DPF regeneration. (I think this is just a flag that the DPF has covered 120k miles, rather than a condition based message, in any case) Any thoughts welcome
  2. Hi! I have a such strange sound ( like diriving on a knurled road) which I hear only; 1-instantly when I slightly press or release the speed pedal after 80km/h 2-continuously when I moved to neutral gear after 80km/h Did anybody have the same problem before? Thanks...
  3. Hi all, I have a funny vibration coming from my steering when on full lock and most noticeable at low speed when gently braking. The car drives fine and power steering seems perfectly normal all other times but this odd vibration is getting on my nerves.. Any ideas where I should look?? Thanks
  4. Abbadon

    Frustrating vibration

    So I have a frustrating vibration, prominent between 60 and 70, lessening by 77 and above. Gut feel was wheels/tracking so had that done first. At same time replaced two ball joints at rear. Still vibrating. Then had more examination, replaced front shocks and a wishbone bushing. Still vibrating. Had Guibo and prop center bearing done, shifts better and no shunt, but still vibrating. With more time on motorway to really experiment, and with car now riding smoother, the same vibration is still there, felt in legs and wheel, but it's not wiggling of wheel, it's a higher frequency. So this makes me think it's something wheel/tyre related or wheel interface? Coukd really do with a known good set of wheels/tyres to rule this in/out!
  5. Tom Ballard

    535d e60 nightmare rumble :(

    Hi all Past couple of months, if you have seen my recent forum posts....I am having a nightmare with my e60. Problem is now.... Car drives beautifully, as always.....however, the car is having a bit of a wobble. Whats happening is.... In EVERY gear, between 1250 and 1600 rpm, there is a vibration/rumble that I can feel quiet a lot. First thoughts is that it may be the gearbox. however the gear changes are very very smooth and there is no clunking. I have gone through the service history of the car and the gearbox sump pan and filter for the gearbox, as well as the oil was changed back in feb 2015. I have spoken to a friend and he suggests its the wheel bearing, but he hasn't been in the car yet whilst it happens. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this with their car. Cheers
  6. As per the topic really - I have slight vibration mostly at motorway type speeds and have been trying to get to the bottom of it. Starting to think it's either the wheels and/or tyres or the prop shaft bearing or guibo. I've had these wheels straightened about a year ago at the wheels specialist and had new tyres. Car has been stood a lot since I brought an M3 in the summer and the vibration seems a bit worse (obviously not good to have cars stood for long periods on the ground so to speak) but I would now like to try and finally get rid of this issue. Just wondered if anyone nearish to me who has a vibration free E39 (do they exist lol) would be willing to let me try their wheels out for an hour or so just to nip up a dual carriageway or motorway and see if this eliminates the issue. I would bring Jack ad tools etc and do all the messing about just would be very grateful if anyone could help. I have just though about wacking some new wheels on by like my 18 style 32s so don't want to fork out loads of cash to discover this isn't the issue. Would be good if anyone could help to also drive their car on my wheels and see if the issue moves that way also.
  7. There seems to be quite a vibration when the clutch engages and also at certain revs. Talked to some people at a garage today as it was in for a exhaust fit and they said it could be a slight low rev misfire. Could this be the cause or could this be a sign of a clutch, gearbox or engine mount problem? Haven't had the car long and still new to a big litre engine like this so wondered if it was just because they are a big lump.
  8. Hello gents I have a 2009 530i xDrive it's a sweet car! Love it, it's very easy and fan to drive. I've done so far 113.000 km with it, the consumption is pretty low (~9.7 lit/100km) and it has the N53 engine. The past month when I start the engine in the morning the engine vibrates and makes a sound like it's working with 4 or 5 cylinders! When the temp rises the engine behaves as it should be. Went to the dealership and they replaced the coils on all cylinders (cost 470€). They guys told me the only faults they see were from the coils and the catalysator! The next morning again the same issue, I give them a call and they started saying about replacing the calysators! The cost they gave me was somewhere at 4500€! Well I did a search on the web and looks like it's a very common issue on all petrol engined BMWs! I spoke with 3 of my clients all have the same problem at some point, 2 have 320i and the other one a 550i! I didn't see a single post about the Catalysators and certainly I don't want to pay that much! Does anyone have a solution to this issue? I'd appreciate any help. I did a search here and didn't see anything similar. George
  9. tonyowens_uk

    E39 530dA Touring - engine tingles

    Maybe someone with even more experience of these cars can comment: Post autobox rebuild and with an original 530i Sport-spec rear muffler/exhaust section now retrofitted in place of an appalling Powerflow aftermarket exhaust, I'm giving the old girl some TLC. New Conti's all-round, replacement of some horrible Bilstein B8 front shocks with the original M-Tech shocks (Boge Turbo), new front cupholders and so forth. One thing I noticed when I got the car back from the guys who rebuilt the GM autobox (A&M Gearbox in James St, Dublin - Sean is excellent) was more prominent engine vibration at idle and town speeds. I think the exhaust needs the hangars on the rear muffler to be adjusted, but I suspect there is more going on than this. Do the harmonic dampers built into the crank pulleys deteriorate on the M57 motor as configured for E39? I know this is a problem for medium-high mileage E60's and can give rise to NVH transmission into the cabin (or worse!) but have not heard of this problem on E39. My car is high mileage - 170k miles - and is well cared for. It doesn't feel like injectors and as far as I know it has no VC fan blade damage. It has had a recent LHS engine mount so I don't really suspect those. Am I missing anything?