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Found 7 results

  1. There a good possibility that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here, but can't seem to find any definitive answers. What should vauum hoses been made of. Bloke on FB says use silicone. The next person in the post says you should never use silicone. Another shows a picture of some SAE J30 R6 pipes which turn out to be fuel lines. A car parts place local to me advertises their vacuum lines as made from neoprene. I though this would be straight forward. Not to bothered about the cost as a few metres of line woudldn't be that expensive, but would like somethig that is unlikley to be leaking again in a few years. Any help appreciated.
  2. Amsingh187

    535D E61 Turbo issues

    Hi guys, Took my e61 535d to two independent specialists and had two different solutions presented. First one connected a diagnostic and a whole load of faults popped up with regards to DPF/ glow plugs/ air mass/ charge pressure/ exhaust pressure. He then, Took off the engine cover and checked the vac pipes and said they looked bad and that he couldn't see the two rods from the bottom of the turbos moving when revving the engine. Told me to have the pipes replaced first before going down any other route. I do have a 4 star warranty but this will not cover such components like pipes and plugs. Nice chap, didn't charge me a penny for his time and gave me the option of contacting him if I wanted to go ahead. £140 labour plus the pipes which I said I can get at trade price too. Second garage, looked at the pictures I had taken of the diagnostic and said that the plugs replacement and pipes etc would cost me £560 and can get me in next week. Now, I know it may seem that the second garage is trying to take advantage of me but what could the issues be? Obviously I would like to keep as much money in my own pocket. If the vac pipes aren't doing their job then replacing those first would be the most efficient option before going through the warranty company which would want to wriggle out of paying anything?? Anyone else had similar problems or knows which garage to trust? Any help would be appreciated and please forgive me for my naivety. Thanks. Ams.
  3. I have been chasing a couple of fault codes for a few weeks, 3FF0, 4BC2 and 4530 Initially it seemed I had found the source of the issue as a chaffed and damaged Vac hose, between vac accumulator and turbo actuator. With this replaced I had better boost, but still quite weird on off behaviour, where initially throttle wouldn't yield a big surge of power at all, then sudden power, and then tailing off again. I tried un-plugging MAF and there was a slight improvement but not staggering as people described. I checked manifold for cracks in case this was a factor, but non observed. Then I started looking elsewhere. I had noted in torque that the boost gauge seemed to read offset at idle, about 4psi. However at the time I had put this down to torque being torque, and sometimes does odd things with boost, and baro offsets, as I have seen on other vehicles... So I started to look in DIS once I got it working (thanks Jimmy from Cableshack for excellent support) And noted a few MAF related faults. I found that the MAF on my car was genuine Bosch of correct PN, only fitted earlier this year based on the manufacture date. However I decided to change this anyway. No significant improvement.... As a result of changing, I wanted to reset MAF adaptations, however It seems that my car just doesn't want to do this, as in DIS it keeps showing them as 0 for both values. I decided to run the mass flow system test. And the first step threw up this.... Now, this was interesting, since I had not had any errors indicating that at key on the ECU was seeing any issues with the MAP sensor not matching the ECU barometric sensor. Looking at the list of faults codes which exist for the 530D, there should be a couple of different faults which might be flagged if the MAP does not match the ECU baro measurement closely enough.... Anyhow, I subsequently ordered a MAP sensor, and changed it. As soon as I keyed on after changing the sensor, the boost shows as very close to zero at key off and idle as it should, but in addition, I got both fault 4063 and 3F03, both which relate to the charge air pressure sensor plausability, and ambient pressure control . These cleared and have never returned, which is really odd, as it should have been the faulty sensor causing these. The car now performs as it should, no more delay in power, no more odd behaviour if I lift off and re-apply power higher in rev range, just mountains of torque. Its not chopping around the gears any more when using cruise control, and economy has improved. Also the MAF related faults have stopped appearing, so I can only assume the MAF was getting really confused, it was being told that the car was getting 4 psi more boost that it really was, so was expecting more flow than it was seeing. I guess this would explain smoke and loss of power at certain times, and also it must have been cutting boost early thinking it was hitting max boost earlier than it was. Has been a bit of a journey but the car now really has come alive.
  4. For all of those who might be tempted to try top down vacuum oil change by suction pipe through the dipstick ... I just tried it, but could only get 4.5 litres out. There seems to be a baffle plate that stops the vacuum tube from reaching the bottom of the sump. Didn't want to push too hard .. Tried both diameter suction pipes. If anyone knows how to get round this, then feedback appreciated ! Note : Please no hords advising what idiocy it is using this method, we know .. But after religiously crawling under the car every 10,000 miles and draining through the sump, I was tempted to try the top down method .. E61 525d ... It still drives like new, after 130,000 miles of my ownership, and after a total of 210,000 miles. I put this partially down to 10,000 mile oil and filter changes, USING THE CORRECT OIL ! Still don't trust BMW or any other garage to use the right oils, too much temptation to use whatever bulk supplies are the cheapest ( whether or not they meet the spec). In the end, I have topped up with 5 litres of new oil, and will run this 50/50 old/new mix up to 20,000 miles before I do a full oil and filter change (from the sump next time) ! Vac system might still work on my wife's 1.6 Golf Diesel ... Fingers crossed ...
  5. Hello guys! As some of you know, I have some odd happenings with my turbo. Does anyone have diagrams or pictures as to where all the vacuum hoses are located into and out of? I have changed the boost control solonoid and replaced some small diameter hosing that runs along the top of the block just under the rocker cover. Changing this hosing made quite a difference in pick-up but hasnt solved the problem, I am still convinced it is a vacuum leak somewhere and want to eliminate all the easy (and cheap) options before replacing the turbo. If I can get the locations of all the hoses it could be, I can inspect them and change/rule them out. many thanks!
  6. Hey Guys! Rough running, idle, and power loss over 2/3 throttle... Hoses had perished in places so fixed that in good old pikey fashon, however, http://bmwfans.info/parts/catalog/E34/Touring/Europe/525i-M50/RHD/M/1996/may/browse/engine/intake_manifold_system/ Item 9, the connector in the link feels loose and will wobble easily, Saw other threads suggesting that plugs may cause running rough... How screwed am I? Is there an exhaustive list of items to replace to eliminate vacuum leaks? TIA Chris
  7. Okay so I noticed that the vacuum pipes going to my engines mounts are what some would describe as fucked. I'm too tight to replace them and cant be assed trying to get my hands down to the mounts. Would these pipes being perished have an adverse affect on anything else (EGR/Fueling??) as a few other vacuum pipes seem to be connected to the same ones in some sort of junction box. I don't mind about the additional vibrations going to the body when car is stationary. Also is it as easy as just putting an inch of good pipe with a selftapping screw in the pipe? Cheers in advance and it's a 530d incase that helps.