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Found 7 results

  1. Stressed

    G30/31 Brake pedal "drops"

    Bought a delivery mileage G31 in August. When pushing the brake pedal the braking resistance (hight of pedal) is about 20mm higher than the gas pedal height. A couple of times when pulling away at the start of a journey I brake and the pedal travels further than normal before the brakes work. It drops to level or just bellow the gas pedal. At first I though it was my imagination. THEN it happened mid journey when braking half way round a roundabout and another journey at about 60mph on the M25. I was NOT impressed at 60 mph. I'll be taking the car back to BMW tomorrow. Anyone else had this issue with their G30 or G31? Men id the 520d mild hybrid
  2. Good Afternoon, We are able to provide Diagnostics and Coding for BMW's. Also we have CarPlay activation for vehicles with the ID 5 or ID6 head-unit and can also supply and fit the WiFi antenna which is required. Sat Nav Map Activation codes for all vehicles. If you have any specific needs get in touch and we can see if we can help! Check out our website and social media for more information!
  3. Hi all, I just bought an updated disc which won't work in my drive. The car is a 2008 530d with Pro Nav. I wonder if anyone can advise whether it's likely to be a read issue with the laser? It's a genuine disc says the eBay seller (!) and to be fair he has 100% positive feedback over 3000 reviews - for £10 I'm a bit dubious! When I swapped the old disc (2008) for the new one I did get a message onscreen to switch the system off and leave for 5 mins but then I get an 'insert disc' message. The seller said that old drives sometimes struggle with the bigger amount of (compressed?) data on updated maps but did send me a second disc. Unfortunately I get the same result as the first. Does his response re: old drives ring true? And I wonder if anyone might lend me a newer disc than my working 2008 version to try out?
  4. Greenninja

    ISTA Version (DATE)

    Hi all, Does anyone know what date my ISTA version is on my car?? I assume its never been updated so want to know what the benefits are of having it done?? I have the following Current - F010-11-03-502 FYI its an 11 plate car Cheers
  5. I got my G31 in October 2017. Around the end of November I got a message for an OTA update which, as far as I know, was successful (all UK G30/31s have OTA updates). When I check the version now (Navigation Tile, Settings, Position and Version, Version Info) I get the following: Map Version Installed is: Europe, BMW Group 101164.3.211 Road Map Europe EVO 2017-2 NBTevo_L_172521 Automatic Map Update GB,IE 2017-3-R1 What I assume from this is that 2017-2 was loaded on the car initially and 2017-3 is from November's OTA update. Checking the available map version through the connected drive portal https://www.bmw-connecteddrive.co.uk/app/index.html#/portal/map-update - In the Automatic Map Update section it shows region 3 (UK, Ireland) is selected. - In the manual map update section it says "A more current version of the map is available. Road Map EUROPE EVO 2017-4". I've checked that Automatic Map Update service (and the USB Map Update service) is booked. I would like to understand why this hasn't updated automatically. According to the info in the car the Nav system is updated 4 times a year. Can anyone help with this? Has anyone had 2017-4 updated applied OTA yet?
  6. Hi all So I'm just about to remap my '04 535d, but first would like to update the EGS (gearbox) software to the latest version (with V48 files I believe). This will hopefully remove the 2->1 kickdown issue, change shift points, and smooth out the gears overall. I've only heard positive things about it. I've managed to get INPA up and running on my Win7 64-bit laptop and reset gearbox adaptations, but that's as far as I can go. DIS, WinKFP etc... it's all a bit over my head. I have a freshly installed Win7 32-bit laptop and a wifi connection that should reach my car, so I'm hoping there's somebody out there who is willing to help out with a little remote coding session to update my EGS. Anybody have any suggestions? Cheers! Chris.
  7. No problem paring my basic business issued Nokia phone to the car and works fine - however car will not store or access the phone book. Have done some digging and the bluetooth version in the car is 9177754 which doesn't appear to support the Nokia 6303 classic. Latest version I can find is 9231093 which does support the phone but this needs to be updated via USB which is an option I don't have. Furthernmore the BMW website say the update is only available for vehicles made 06/2010 – 08/2010 but this might only be due to USB requirement. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks Info from website as follows: Conditions The software update is only available for certain vehicles equipped with a USB audio interface (option code 6FL). In these vehicles, the menu option "Software update" is provided in the main menu under "Settings". Further information is provided in the Owner's Handbook for Vehicle under Software Update.# Supported vehicles The software update is available for the following vehicles: >BMW 7 Series Saloon with production dates 03/2010 – 08/2010 >BMW 3 Series Coupé/Convertible with iDrive and production dates 03/2010 – 08/2010 >BMW 5 Series Touring with production dates 06/2010 – 08/2010