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Found 24 results

  1. I've got a set of winter wheels and tyres from my previous 5 series (F10) which I'm looking to sell. They are currently in BMW storage as I bought a G30 2 years ago and of course they don't fit! They are 4 X 18" V-Spoke 281 style fitted with Dunlop SP WINTER SPORT tyres size 245/45/18 RFT. Tyres are about 4/5mm tread from what I can recall but will verify this when I collect them from BMW. I'm looking for £700, collection from Glasgow preferred but could arrange delivery to the UK if needed. I plan to leave them with BMW until I have a confirmed sale as I don't have anywhere to store them. Cheers Joe
  2. Nick P

    Uneven Rear Tyre wear

    Hi all I am a newbie ...as this is my first BMW. I have an issue, hopefully someone can take a moment to advise please. I have a 2019 530 e plug in hybrid....I know, yes its a milk float but the BIK is good....and I drive it like a vicar. So, with 34000 miles on the clock, one of the back tyres gave out. Tread across from the outer rim working towards the inner rim - 4.2mm, 3.8mm, 1.9mm. Effectively like a wedge!! Took it into Kwik-Fit as I was 150 miles from home. They said the tyre was shot and needed to be replaced. They also said that both tyres had to be the same make on the same axle as this was a BMW requirement, so my dilemma begins. £600.00 later, I had 2 x Bridgestone Potenzas on the back, but looking at the original tyres, they were both worn on the inner shoulder. The KF guy said that this wasn't uncommon as BMW rear alignment, especially on the electric 5 series was notorious for this?? Took it to BMW service this morning who said I must have hit a pot hole or not monitored my pressures! Both tyre are worn to almost the same point, so a pot hole would not do 2 tyres....would it? Tyre pressures - I check weekly, and use the in car computer to check randomly through the week. BMW said the computer may be faulty!!! My question is why and who is responsible? Has anyone experienced the same / similar? Do I just take it on the chin and pay BMW £99.00 to realign the rear wheels? Or do I argue that this is a BMW fault that should have not happened?
  3. Greenninja

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    So after much deliberation and time spent investigating, my Pending MOT has forced me to buy new Tyres all round.... I may have got away with only doing the rears but figured for the price I will do all 4. So what I have gone fore is Khumo Ecsta PS91 which according to the blurb are perfect for BMWs M sports cars!! SO to put a final Nail in the coffin of Run flat vs Non run flat I will update this thread with my own personal views once they are on.. of course this will be personal and no doubt everyone is different, however i`m sick of the whole thing and should I or should i not tell insurance... so its being done and im just gonna drive the thing!! On that note too its cost me £370 for tyres and £60 to have fitted!!
  4. jyz

    Mixing Tyres?

    Hi all, the tyres on my F10 (conti runflats) needs replacing soon but I have gotten into a dilemma. My fronts are 245/45 R18 and rears are 270/40 R18. I was planning to change them to Goodyear Asymmetric 5's but they are only currently available in the front only. So is it okay to have Asymmetric 5's on the front and Asymmetric 3's on the back? Also will having non-run flats on the front and run flats on the rear create any problems? Option 1: Front: Asymmetric 5 (non-runflats) Rear: Asymmetric 3 (runflats) Option 2: Front: Asymmetric 3 (non-runflats) Rear: Asymmetric 3 (runflats) Option 3: Front: Asymmetric 3 (non-runflats) Rear: Asymmetric 3 (non-runflats) Option 4: Front: Asymmetric 3 (runflats) Rear: Asymmetric 3 (runflats) Can you advice which is the best set up? Will a set of Front A5 (non-runflats) and Rear A3 (runflat) work? or Front A5 and Rear A3? Or will it be better just to have Front & Rear A3 (runflats)?
  5. JOhnKE39530d

    Falken FK510 tyre

    Has anyone knowledge or experience of the Falken FK510 non RFT performance tyre?
  6. Johnjonjo

    Tyre pressure warning

    Hi all This morning on the way to work (20 minute city drive) the tyre warning light came on. My car is 2011 so has basic system. Not yet had chance to check pressures but quick inspection showed no nails and tyres look properly inflated. I reset the system in the morning and all fine on journey home. My car has runflat tyres. I'm thinking false alarm, anyone had any similar experiences? Will get tyre pressures checked tomorrow at local Kwik fit. Thank you
  7. Ok winters coming! Now I have stopped the water leak- is it worth getting a set of winter tyres for the coming months?? i have seen some good deals on s/h Oem winter tyres/ wheels on eBay. As it's going to my first winter with a rear wheel drive car I was wondering if it is worth it? I've never used them on a front wheel drive but a couple of friends have recommended them for rear drivers. Also I presume 17 inch wheels will fit on my 520d msport? The air deflectors look like they will be pretty tight.
  8. Technical question on a new G30 xDrive. I opted for the xDrive on my new 520d as I live in the north of Scotland and snow/ rain are obviously a common occurrence. I previously ran an '06 325i SE which was rear wheel drive and I ran the car all year round with Vredistein Wintrac extreme winter tyres . They were a real good tyre wore exceptionally well and were good even in summer time dispersing rainwater after a summer deluge. The tyres on my 5 series are Michelin Primacy 3's, which are a highly acclaimed summer tyre, but I'm thinking of fitting a set of all season tyres as I think they will be a good compromise. When asking dealer about tyre options they said it was a matter for a tyre fitter to recommend tyres baised on a new star rating system. Does anyone have any knowledge on this subject or have a recommendation for a tyre? Also on the subject of tyres - the tyres I ran on my 325i were not run flats and they didn't bother it at all. Does anyone have any info on this matter as have heard a lot of BMW owners looking a going away from run flats due to cost. I have been advised that the electronic nature of the xDrive system makes it sensitive to tyre choice ? Thoughts anyone? cheers.
  9. NuckingFuts


    Does anyone have a complete matching set of tyres for M-Parallels. Factory sizes are: 235/40 ZR 18 for the Front 265/35 ZR 18 for the Rear. Recommended sizes seem to show a lower width and profile: 225/30 ZR 18 Front 245/35 or 255/40 ZR 18 Rear Thanks Deepan
  10. I have for sale one front 225/40 R18r used tyre taken from my 2003 e46 320Ci. Nexen N3000 tyre in size 225/40 R18. Very good condition (nearly like new) with around 6.5mm tread left. No previous puncture repairs, no damage and holds pressure. DOT 3812 - manufactured in September 2012 Price £20 collected or £30 including P&P. Collection in person from New Milton Hampshire Please check my other items for sale, as I'm having a garage clear out.
  11. For sale are four used Barum Bravuris 2 tyres in size 235/45 R17 These were fitted to my BMW e39 525i. Good used condition, with no previous puncture repairs, no damage and they hold pressure. DOT 0811 - all manufactured in February 2011. Sidewalls slightly perished due to age. Two front ones have 3mm to 2.5mm tread left and are slightly worn on inside edges. Two rear ones have 5mm to 3.5mm tread left and are slightly worn on outside edges. Price is £15 per tyre or £50 for all four of them. Collection in person from New Milton Hampshire or I can arrange a courier at an extra cost - about £8 per tyre / £25 per set. Please check my other items for sale as I'm having a garage clear out.
  12. Just wonering what alloy wheels and tyres you guys use on your F11 or F10. Mainly interested in aestheticall look and of course comfort and etc. If possibly you can post some pictures that will be nice. Thinking about getting dark grey or black wheels instead, any suggestions, thanks
  13. Hi everyone. My front tyres have excessively worn on the outer edges after having the tracking and alignment done a few months back. can you please tell me the optimum toe / camber setting for maintaining a good balance of grip and even wearing? When my tracking was last done the rears had excessively worn on the inner edges so I requested that they were stood up as close to vertical as was reasonable.. but now my fronts outer edges have gone!! It is a 2008 530d e60 running on spyder style 172 alloys. The front tyres are 245/35/19. I like a bit of spirited driving on occasions (it's a bmw afterall).
  14. Somebody spent a couple of bob on these recently. Dunlop TD230/55ZR390 No crack's, no bulges, very, very good tyres Set of five, with 7mm of tread on them Center caps present 475 for the set, postage is available Located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  15. Hi everyone, I wouldn't normally open a new thread as a first post, but I thought this information might prove useful to some of those members looking to change tyres in the winter season so here goes. I have been looking on various forums for years to decide whether it was a good idea to switch to non RFT tyres but for some reason I never managed to convince myself. I have been running Bridgestone Potenzas r050a on all four corners (used two sets in four years), and I put up with the bad ride, tramlining, poor wet traction and road noise just because I knew this was the tyre recommended by BMW for the E60/E61. Lately with all the wet roads that I have driven on during this autumn, I started getting fed up with the vague (I am being kind, I should say dangerous) handling and started blaming the car itself. Standing water on the side of the road would just pull the car towards the hedges on the side of the road. Even on the motorway the car would feel very lose on wet surfaces. Before anyone asks me how many mm of tread I had left, I will say 6 at the front and 7 (practically new) at the rear, so the tyres should be able to clear the water. Two weeks ago, I thought as a last resort I would have a go at changing tyres and putting some non RFT tyres on. Since it's winter I thought I would try some winter tyres, I looked up at the German tests for winter tyres and I liked the Continental wintercontact ts850 P tyre (2014 design), as a bonus it topped most of the wet/dry and snow tests so I was really convinced. I ordered four of them for a little less than £500 and installed them at my local BMW dealer. They did confirm that I was aloud to run non RFT tyres, unlike some other dealers that try to tell you are only supposed to use RFT. Ideally you would need a space saver, but a repair kit should also be a viable option. Now for the first impressions. After about 10 miles of driving on a familiar road, from the dealer back home I had the impression they had resurfaced and filled all the potholes. I was hoping there would be some improvement but I would never have thought the difference to be so phenomenal. So that's one box ticked, ride does improve a lot. Second test was a few days later on a trip mainly on country lanes with mud and a lot of small bumps that would simply unsettle the previous RFT+M sport suspension setup, once again my confidence in the car's ability to cope with the bumps was restored and I did start thinking this was almost too good to be true, so I thought I should do a proper long run on the motorway with wet weather to really see if the car would behave as I would have always liked it to. The answer is that the handling is transformed, before with the Potenza RFTs, aquaplaning was always round the corner at speeds over 60 mph. With the Continental not a hint at 70mph. Interestingly but unsurprisingly, I can see in the rear view mirror that the car produces much more water spray than previously, indicating that the new tyres do clear water much better, so the grip is justified. Now this cannot be taken as a generalized comparison between RFTs and non RFTs. We need to keep in mind that the Potenza's have always scored pretty low in group tests, and the Continental ts850p is apparently one of the best. Maybe if I had some Michelin pilots sport RFT on the story would have been rather different. For reference, I use 245/40 R18 tyres on my 2006 525i M Sport Touring, and I enclose a picture of the new winter tyre I am using. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try to answer in a couple of days. Also congratulations, for a great forum, plenty of useful information for everyone.
  16. Selling 2 sets of tyres in the above sizes. Brand - Nankang NS2 These were bought brand new and only had them on the car for a month! In great condition with no repairs. Reason for sale, need smaller sized tyres due to slight arch rub! Looking for 100 each set, offers welcome. Prefer collection from London. Thanks, Shaz
  17. Hi All Around five months ago I noticed the outside edges of the front tyres were showing a lot of wear. The pressures are good so I suspected a tracking problem. The car was taken to a local tyre dealer who I have used for 25 years to have the tracking checked. They told me the tracking was fine and then said some tyres just seem to wear like that on some cars. I carried on driving and of course came to the inevitable MOT fail in January. The tyres were replaced and my local independent garage where I get my cars serviced checked the tracking for me. Mike, the owner, said that technically the tyre dealer had been right when he said the tracking was fine - because BMW specify a 'range' of tolerance. However the tracking was not spot on. I believe the rear wheels being slightly out of track may have also contributed. The tracking has now been set precisely, and I'm hoping the condition will not recur. I'm no technical expert but it might be worth checking this, particularly if you get wear on just one edge (so not linked to under-inflation). Jim
  18. Turniphead

    Tyre fitters in Liverpool area.

    After just 3 weeks of owning an e39, I've had my first bad experience at Quick Fix in Liverpool. Went there for a couple of tyres - no joy. Bought a couple of tyres on ebay, great condition - and went back to Quick Fix in Longmoor Lane (after trying 3 other tyre fitters who were having mechanical issues!) to have them fitted. One tyre fitted no problems. Other tyre took an hour to fit as fitter struggled to get a seal. Tyre blew out next day. Took it back to Quick Fix: "Tut, tut, - that's what you get for buying tyres of ebay" their second tyre fitter commented. I agreed and went in search of a new tyre. Went back to one of the tyre fitters who had been having mechanical difficulties a few days earlier - I knew he had a tyre for me because he actually wanted to swap my tyre (michelin pilot alpin - winter tyre) for his own summer tyre. Apparently my tyre was an "NO" tyre - porsche standard fitment and he had a boxter. Anyway, he was fitting my new tyre when he noticed the ruined tyre in the boot. I told him the story. "Bastards," he said. That tyre had perfect beads on Saturday and uniform 7.5mm tread all round - that's why I wanted it for my boxter! So, - Quick Fix had torn a 6 inch strip from the bead of my tyre AND TRIED TO GLUE IT BACK ON WITH COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF RUBBER SOLUTION. They had then put that dangerously (and illegally) repaired tyre back on my car ready to blow out! Which it did. I emailed the manager of Quick Fix who quickly closed ranks and tried to deny responsibility - "you bought a bad tyre from ebay." - No explanation as to why his fitter struggled for an hour to bodge (illegally) a tyre which he supposedly didn't damage. What an idiotic tyre fitter. Oh, and he fitted my two directional tyres the wrong way round. They were both symmetrical, too, so no excuses. A monkey would have gotten it right 50% of the time. I could handle "sorry mate, I've wrecked your tyre." And at no time have I asked for a refund. It's purely an ethical issue. I'm angry, - going to go to trading standards - but don't actually relish the idea. Most tyre fitting gaffs in Liverpool are gangster owned and I can't help but think that 'Quick Fix' is a veiled drug-related two-fingered salute to the 'establishment.' So, would anyone be interested in a windowless 528i possibly torched? I'm only covering the possibilities here. I've already made my will before I go to trading standards. The car was only two weeks wages anyway. But going to trading standards I definitely am. turniphead
  19. Just bought some winter tyres from a English chap on ebay who has been personally importing part worn tyres from France / Switzerland for the last 23 years (circa 800 at a time). He was one of the original people selling them on ebay apparently and he sells them to the trade in Suffolk. What attracted me to his auction was that he included the build dates of the tyres, stated that wear was even, the depth of the thread, no repairs or damage, etc. His name is Mark dykseyis50 http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/dykseyis50/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  20. Jonathon Daly

    Best tyre brand and which variant

    Hi I'm new here. Could anyone advise me on which would be the best tyres to fit on my 2007 M Sport 530d. Currently on 240/40R18 93y all round with RF on front and standard on back. I live in the country so need exceptional grip in the sometimes wet lanes but drive fairly hard in the dry and go quite rapid on roads. The fronts have very little tread nr the inner walls on both sides. So these are the 2 I need to change. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Jon
  21. Lust4Life

    M5 getting new rear boots

    From the album: E60 M5

    New Kuhmo's going on the rear
  22. Dotcom1970

    Empty Wallet Time :(

    So, had the car serviced today by my local indie - £250 all inc for an inspection two. We also blocked off the EGR, and wax oiled all the brake and fuel lines. Whilst on the ramp, decided to have a closer look at some areas. Seems I need four new tyres and two new front shocks for the up coming MOT. Plus 6 months road tax. Any monetary donations gratefully received
  23. Vee

    Falken 453's in the wet

    I've just fitted a set of boots to my M5 and opted for Falken 453's based on good personal and virtual recommendations. I was out over the weekend charged with the task of testing my new MAFs in the wet (!) and was looking forward to indulging on roundabouts at low speeds. I have to say I was disappointed with the tyres - they were far too grippy Speeds increased and it still took a clumsy bootful to unsettle it - combined with excellent dry grip leading to progressive slip I'm really impressed. I'm not going to say that more expensive tyres won't be any better (they undoubtably will be) but for a few hundred nicker less than a set of PS2's/3's these are a very good option. Be interesting to see how long they last.....
  24. I recently bought a tyre from a big tyre distributer on ebay. They wrote back to say that the date of manufacture was the 43rd week in 2010, and do i still want it? Ive been trying to do some research as im sure I spoke to a tyre shop in the recent years and they said it was illegal to sell tyres over a certain age. Does anyone have any insight or facts on the matter?