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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I hope it's ok to post a request in this section. Any recommendations for somewhere that can reliably remap my E61 530d who are within an hour of Lincoln please? Thanks in advance!
  2. I bought this chip and installed it 3 weeks ago on my F10 535d. Results on the dyno: without chip 308hp and 660Nm (which is exact factory spec for the hp and even a bit higher for the torque, so happy with that, healthy engine!), then with chip on stage 7, highest setting, 338hp and 740Nm. So, not completely as promised by Racechip (+49hp and +100Nm) but the chip does work quite well. According the test engineer the results were quite acceptable due to very high temperatures today (33 Celcius in his workshop). During the runs the air intake temp went up dramatically reducing the results with at least 8-12hp and 15-20Nm, so he told me he was pleasantly surprised by the results of this chip! Fuel saving is indeed also true, from 8.2 to 7.6 l/100km measured over 3.000 miles, so again not the 10-15% as promised, but we all know that they always exaggerate. The installation was easy, about 40 min as it was my first time doing something like this, but the connections are very delicate and one of them snapped, so be careful! I'm satisfied with the product, but I think it's a bit too expensive (£500). I bought it because I can remove it easily, but I think if that is not an issue for you, you're probably better off with a real remap for less money.
  3. Gus Alpine e60

    E60 520d Remap Results

    Hi guys, This was back when I first got the e60, just fancied a remap to see how the car felt afterwards. Im pretty sad so my joy in life is MPG over BHP but I gave the remap a bash. Ended up around 400 torque and 200HP, totally standard and still with the cars original DPF sitting at 100k. Only upset is now my MPG has went from 64 (yup, that's right) down to 52 and it will not f*cking budge an inch. Even on my 3/4 hour cruise control drives it just its at 52 forever now. I know what you're thinking and no...I dont no drive harder now that its remapped. My game is smooth and slow, dont have road rage or anywhere to be on time as I work for myself, loving life basically. Taking the car back soon for a carbon clean. Since the remap its had a new DPF, K&N intake and new glow plugs so maybe see what the scrip with its numbers now! Carlton Tuning in Yorkshire are the guys I used. Not expensive and a quick and easy service. ALSO, how the F do you add a video to this site?!?!?
  4. Hello, this is my project. Its a video clip containing only picture material and small footage of what i'm doing. I consider doing some videos of the x-pipe built, sound acceleration overview and etc. I hope you like it, the video its not professional made, but the car came out great ! There will be more videos and pictures of the car soon! Enjoy YOUTUBE VIDEO Did so far : Engine head revision; fuel pump revision; full service; new water radiator; new front window; new fk automotive suspension; new brakes; new inter-cooler; paint job; window tint; hella angel eyes; M-exterior; new battery; m preface steering wheel; led interior lights; ecu tuning; shadow-line trim; style 91 rims; (In the following months there will be even more upgrades) I did an acceleration video of the TDS, so you can see how my automatic does. i wasn't exactly stock when i did it, had a power-box. So- its power-box to chip. The conditions of the time were at the range of one week and i did them on the same road the same time. Disclaimer : The time set is between few frames approx 2-5 frames so its not accurate. YOUTUBE VIDEO Tell me your opinion about this project, i hope you like it !
  5. Also is 115k miles too much for a remap now? Just curious because I'm considering getting one for my Pre-LCI F10 530d. Are the ebay tuning boxes any good? Do they actually deliver their promises for better economy? Please post any experiences you've had.
  6. Hi all. I'm wanting to get more horses out of my 535d, and so have been considering a DPF delete and remap for some time. I've settled on the high quality offerings from Ecotune in Scotland. I've been in touch with them, and they're willing to honour another group buy (I just missed out on the last one, which took place in May I believe). This means that if we can organise 5 people, we get a 15% discount, plus an extra 1% for every additional signup, up to 20% off (for 10 people or more). For me that's a 200-quid saving on the DPF delete + remap kit for my car. Definitely worth it. Check out these pages for what's on offer: http://www.ecotune-scotland.co.uk/products/category/BMW%20DPF%20Removal%20Complete%20Kits http://www.ecotune-scotland.co.uk/products/category/BMW%20DPF%20Removal%20Pipes If anyone's interested, could you please let me know, and I'll start collecting names etc. Please pass this info on to anybody you think may be keen! Cheers Chris.