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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Have a '98 540 that has been in the family for 20 years. It has recently started cutting out randomly, usually during low speed manoeuvring but also will give noticable jerk when driving along. The economy indicator moves around to 8mpg and then goes back to where it was during the sequence and the traction control light comes on. My (excellent) mechanic has had the car for a couple of weeks on and off, and ruled out the ABS system, throttle sensors. In the end it was taken to a BMW specialist who confirmed a DME fault. Fix requires a new DME (same year, engine, gearbox), keys, igntion, etc etc- not likely on a rare car that is now old. Also advised that reflashing the ECU wouldn't fix the problem. The alternative is to break the car for spares which I will do if there is no practical fix. Has anybody else had this problem and if so, did you manage to fix it? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all I have a 2004 525d e61 which keeps showing a traction control fault on the dash and at the same time the engine totally cuts off whether it's in gear driving at any speed or just sitting running This all started a week after I had egr and dpf deleted since then I have had it to a specialist who advised me the dde unit had water damage on the pins so I soarced another and had it cloned for my car also changed the crank sensor as was showing a fault after getting the dde in and the car up and running I took her for an mot passed used the car a few times the same day then when I was travelling to work early hour's got 4 miles along the motorway sitting about 70 the exact same fault came back just comes up traction control fault drive moderately while at the same time total engine shut down since then I have had another remap done but it has not made any difference to the car the only fault showing is 43e2 which I have been told on my car shouldn't cause this I am at a loss as to what to do next any help greatly appreciated thanks
  3. Morning BMW5, Yesterday as I was leaving work I felt a crunch from some ice on my wheels, then my ABS and Traction Control warning lights both flashed up and my speedo, MPG and mileage counter have all also stopped working - my best guess from a quick skim on the forums is that the wheel speed sensor has gone - although the fuel gauge is also being temperamental. I rang a local independent garage, who I trust, who said it's likely the wire has come loose or the sensor has broken which is a big job to get it out and replaced (something about drilling the sensor out?). He suggested to check the cable and leave it as it may clear itself, otherwise he wont be able to see the car for a week or so. However, I had a look last night and the wire to the sensor is still secured in place as far as I can tell. Without a full diagnostic I cant be sure if the sensor does need replacing, does anyone have any suggestions as to ruling out any other causes before sending the car to have the "big job" done? E39 520i Touring SE.
  4. Hi all, I'm relatively new to the BMW world and have only had my car for around 2 months. Last week my remote central locking stopped working for both key fobs, but the radio still worked fine with no issues. I did the usual and Googled the problem and came across the usual 'Diversity Unit' failure. Last Friday I checked it and it looked perfect with no corrosion or rust anywhere, put it all back together and it still wasn't working. I found a thread on here suggesting there could be corrosion on one of the pins that connects to the diversity unit in the boot so I checked that. I opened the boot with the button on the boot lid and it powered open. I unplugged the cable that was pictured, checked it, all looked OK so I plugged it back in again. I also checked some fuses just to make sure none had blown and they were all OK. I made sure everything was back as it was, went to close the boot using the close button inside the boot and it was dead, no power or anything. I checked to make sure I could start the car and it started fine, however now lots of warning lights are on the dash and the following are no longer working...: Idrive Speedo MPG needle Power steering Airbags ABS Traction control Seatbelt warning light is on (no dinging) PDC Heated seats Suspension level control Tire pressure monitor And probably lots of other things! Any ideas as to what has happened or what I need to do to get them working again?? Thank in advance.
  5. Alex1985

    E39 520i auto

    Hi i have a 520i automatic 2001 130,000miles. I'm looking for some help, last week for a reason unknown to me the traction control and ABS light decided to come on simultaneously. Then next time I look at the dashboard the transmission light has come on as well and the car is now running in limp mode. I got the car home and tried turning the engine off and back on yet the problem was still there. So next morning i thought i would try the car again and all the lights remained off for about 5 miles then just like before the traction control and ABS light came on followed shortly by the transmission. Now I have asked a few people and the suggest it could be i need to top up the transmission fluid, if this was the case why are the traction control and ABS light coming on first? I'm not sure when the transmission fluid and filter were last checked as i only got the car a year ago. But it is now on my to do list anyway. Does anyone have any input for me on what i should next? Cheers in advance Alex
  6. Have just bought a cheap pre-facelift 520iSE on a V plate (1999) to replace my trusty P-reg 523iSE which has just bitten the dust with a cracked cylinder head - nearly made it to 200,000 miles and 10 years of ownership The 'new' car was only £700 from a local 4x4 dealer who'd taken it as a part-ex and just wanted to move it on - only 90k miles and very clean and tight, so far as I can see. BUT .... the ABS and ASC lights are on and after a quick diagnostic at my friendly neighbourhood mechanic, he reckons its the wheel sensors need replacing, worst case scenario the control box. SO ... can I just swap the good ones from my 523 on to the 520? Any help gratefully received as always - cheers!